Dyslexia International promotes prevention of school failure

Posted on behalf of Dyslexia International

Dyslexia International promotes prevention of school failure by offering HIGH LEVEL science-baed free online training.

To date to many school children with specific reading difficulties are allowed to fail, fail again and then drop into a spiral of school failure.

But in this day and age, increasing number of enlightened government education officials are ensuring their teachers have access to humane and scholarly resources we offer at no cost.

By introducing Continuous Professional Development online courses and any other of DI Open Educational Resources free of charge, governments can dramatically reduce the heavy drain on their economy of having to finance their disempowered illiterate population. (see KPMG Foundation report on the Costs of Illiteracy)l

Join 40 000 teachers and parents using our current Coursera MOOC 'Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing' with endless positive feedback and the possibility of accreditation. Look out for the new MOOC we shall be putting forward for Coursera experts at the University of London to consider early 2018 for teachers of Adolescents with Dyslexia.