MOOC on the EU and Human Rights: enroll now!

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The EU and Human Rights

Learn how the EU affects your human rights and gain insights into the ways the EU can enhance its positive impact on human rights worldwide in this FREE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on The EU and Human Rights, available on the edX platform.


After two succesful runs with over 17,000 participants from more than 180 countries, we continue this successful course as of 2 October 2017.

Whether you are an EU citizen or not, this course concerns you! The EU is a major global actor in the field of human rights. EU Treaties state that human rights are a fundamental value of the Union, which must be a silver thread in all its policies. The EU now acts within an impressive array of competences, and therefore has the potential to impact – positively or negatively – anyone’s human rights.

This EU and Human Rights course teaches the basics of human rights, placing the EU at the centre of investigation.

The content of this MOOC is based on the FRAME project ( This course is offered in partnership with Kiron Open Higher Education and the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI).

This is a self-paced MOOC, meaning that you will have until 1 March 2018 to go through the materials (15 lessons, including readings, tests and lots of other resources, divided into 6 modules).

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