CoNGO 26th General Assembly - March 1-3 2018

Posted as a message from the President of CoNGO

A first convocation to the CoNGO 26th General Assembly, to be held in Geneva on March 1-2-3, 2018 was sent in February 2017. The requisite documents will be sent to members in coming weeks, together with a Registration Form. It is thus not necessary to sign in at this time, but please do block the dates in your agenda.

In accordance with the Rules, the 2018 General Assembly will elect a new CoNGO President and Board. The Nominations Committee communicated in June 2017 with all members, to explain in great detail the procedures and deadlines. I understand that some nominations have been sent in that do not take account of the Rules (which have been in place for some time, and are perfectly clear).

I therefore take this opportunity to recall the essential requirements, which for 70 years have been applied rigourously yet smoothly.

"Only members which have paid their membership fee until the end of the previous year shall be eligible to send delegates to the General Assembly."

"In order to be eligible to vote at the General Assembly, an organization in consultative status which is a member of the Conference must have paid annual membership dues for each year since the previous General Assembly."

"Only members which have paid their annual membership fees until the end of the previous financial year may be nominated or may nominate or support candidatures."

Thus to participate in every stage of this CoNGO governance process culminating in March 2018, Members must have paid their dues for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Any member which has a shortfall may of course now pay any arrears, which will be credited to the appropriate year. 2017 dues were invoiced last February and should of course already have been paid, to facilitate CoNGO's financial planning.