ACGRC New Project 2017

From February 2017 the Yerevan-based Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC) with support of the Open Society Foundations-Armenia started project Advancement of Human Rights Dimension of Visa Facilitation between EU and Armenia.

The project purposes: to monitor implementation of the agreement on facilitation of visa issuance process in Armenia both by the EU Member State Embassies, relevant state agencies and visa centers; collect, analyze visa rejection cases; monitor the process of biometric passport issuance and management of biometric data in line with human rights standards. ACGRC will conduct a public discussion of the monitoring report in Yerevan and actively collaborate with media representatives to spread information on project findings. ACGRC will also continue monitoring implementation of commitments in the fields of human rights and good governance proposed for the stage of visa dialogue, via targeted meetings and public discussions with the government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Assembly, the EU Delegation in Armenia, the EU member states, experts and civil society