2024: XVII International Congress of Educating Cities

From the 21st to the 24th of May 2024, the XVII International Congress of Educating Cities will be held in in Curitiba (Brazil).

Event website: http://cidadeseducadoras.curitiba.pr.gov.br

Curitiba will host the Congress in 2024 with the theme: "Sustainability, Innovation and Inclusion in Educating Cities: transforming the present".

The international congresses, held every two years by the IAEC - International Association of Educating Cities, represent the culmination of the sustainable and continuous work carried out by the cities and constitute an opportunity to deepen aspects of the Charter of Educating Cities, to disseminate, contrast and exchange good practices, as well as providing new contacts and eventual collaborations between the cities.

The other editions of the event took place in: Changwon/South Korea (2012), Barcelona/Spain (2014), Rosario/Argentina (2016), Cascais/Portugal (2018) and Andong/South Korea (2022).

Seeking to align its actions and promote the exchange of experiences with other locations that share a similar vision for education, in 2019, Curitiba became a member of the International Association of Educating Cities, IAEC. The adhesion gave strength to the municipality to expand innovative projects and implement public facilities designed for learning, leisure and quality of life, also contributing to reaffirm and legitimize the educational potential of the city.

IAEC was founded in 1994, being a non-profit association, it is constituted as a permanent structure of collaboration between local governments that are committed to principles inscribed in the Charter of Educating Cities. Any local government that accepts this commitment can become an active member of the Association, regardless of its administrative powers. At the beginning of 2020, its number of members reached more than 500 cities in 36 countries, spread across all continents.