Becoming a SMART association - by Ivo Franschitz

UIA CIM World of Associations News released on 5 July, featuring:

Becoming a SMART association

By Ivo Franschitz, Founder and Owner of ENITED business events (

The biggest challenge for every association is to be and remain relevant in their respective field of expertise, in an extremely fast-moving world of information & knowledge, with instant accessibility and while facing the individuals’ scarcity of time.

Hence, the future belongs to those associations who have understood that they are part of communities of common interest rather than of membership organizations only. Those who create benefits by engaging with peers in their fields of knowledge and competences, and not only by serving members. That’s why you need to become smarter.

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Ivo J. Franschitz owns a Master degree in International Marketing from the Vienna University of Economics and his early career milestones include Senior Marketing & Management positions in the Tourism and Business events industry.

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