free MOOC on Promoting and Protecting Human Rights

MOOC on Promoting and Protecting Human Rights: a Global Overview

In times of violence and crisis, human rights are important safeguards. In times of peace, security and development, they are important pillars sustaining our common humanity. They are more than moral or legal concepts: they are the lymph of our lives. For them to run effectively, we need to relentlessly promote and protect them.


The course is articulated in 2 modules: the first one (two classes) is recommended for all participants, while the second one (5 classes) is elective and can be composed of minimum 1 and maximum 5 classes, for a total of maximum 7 classes. A free certificate is provided to participants who complete all 7 classes.

Module 1 focuses on the international framework of human rights promotion and protection. In particular, it summarily explains standards, mechanisms, benefits and challenges in the current set up, especially at the United Nations level.
Module 2 is dedicated to regional perspectives on the standards, mechanisms, benefits and challenges in five regions of the world: Africa, the Americas, the Arab World, Asia Pacific, and Europe.


Designed in cooperation with the Coordinators of the 7 Regional Master’s Programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights, the MOOC is taught by academics and experts drawn from all regions of the world, enabling participants to benefit from rich and varied competences. The faculty includes, among others: Manfred Nowak, Secretary General of the Global Campus of Human Rights; Felipe Gomez Isa, University of Bilbao; Anna Margaryan, Yerevan State University; Asim Mujkić, University of Sarajevo; Frans Viljoen, University of Pretoria; Veronica Gomez, University of San Martin, Buenos Aires, President of the Global Campus of Human Rights; Bencharat Chua, Mahidol University, Bangkok; Yousra Abourabi, Université Internationale de Rabat.


The MOOC is free and open to participants (students; governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental staff; social workers; researchers; committed citizens…) who wish to gain a general overview of historical and current human rights developments at the international and regional level. The course is funded by the European Commission and is offered on OpenedX.

Course dates: from June 2020, on a rolling basis.

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