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Future International Meetings & Congresses

Event Organization Location Start Date End Date


Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA) Macau 2025 2025


International Society of Arterial Chemoreception (ISAC) Chile 2025 2025

Planetary Health Annual Meeting

Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) Rotterdam, Netherlands 2025 2025

International Workshop on Computational Nanotechnology (IWCN)

International Workshop on Computational Nanotechnology (IWCN) Salt Lake City UT, USA 2025 2025

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)

International Machine Learning Society (IMLS) Vancouver BC, Canada 2025 2025

European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE)

European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE) Ghent, Belgium 2025 2025

ICPMC: International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition

International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) Sao Paulo, Brazil 2025 2025

International Conference on the Chemistry of Selenium and Tellurium (ICCST)

International Conference on the Chemistry of Selenium and Tellurium (ICCST) Halle (Saale), Germany 2025 2025

European Conference

European IFYE Alumni Association UK 2025 2025


Nordiska slavistförbundet (NSF) Gothenburg, Sweden 2025 2025


European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) Malmö, Sweden 2025 2025

Annual Meeting

Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (DHd) Bielefeld, Germany 2025 2025

International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (THERMEC)

International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (THERMEC) 2025 2025

European Muscle Conference (EMC)

European Society for Muscle Research (ESMR) Amsterdam, Netherlands 2025 2025

European Workshop on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (EuroMBE)

European Workshop on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (EuroMBE) France 2025 2025

Annual Congress

European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Barcelona, Spain 2025 2025

Annual General Meeting

International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA) France 2025 2025

Annual Conference

International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE) Minneapolis MN, USA 2025 2025

International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics (ICCT)

International Association on Chemical Thermodynamics (IACT) Porto, Portugal 2025 2025

International Geodetic Student Meeting (IGSM)

International Geodetic Students Organization (IGSO) Rabat, Morocco 2025 2025

Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale (RAI)

International Association for Assyriology (IAA) Prague, Czechia 2025 2025

International Symposium on River Sedimentation

International Research and Training Centre on Erosion and Sedimentation / World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research / Omaha NE, USA 2025 2025

Annual Meeting

American Economic Association San Francisco CA, USA 2025/01/03 2025/01/05

International Convention With S-ANON

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) Jerusalem, Israel 2025/01/06 2025/01/08

International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT)

International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT) Hangzhou, China 2025/01/06 2025/01/08

Northern Lights Deep Learning Conference (NLDL)

Northern Lights Deep Learning Conference (NLDL) Tromsø, Norway 2025/01/07 2025/01/09

Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Applied Sciences

Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Applied Sciences (APCEAS) Nagoya, Japan 2025/01/07 2025/01/09

Triennial General Assembly

International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) Lima, Peru 2025/01/08 2025/01/12

World Conference

International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance (ICTMD) Wellington, New Zealand 2025/01/09 2025/01/15

General Conference

International Association of Armenian Studies Geneva,Lausanne, Switzerland 2025/01/09 2025/01/11

Annual Convention

Modern Language Association of America (MLA) New Orleans LA, USA 2025/01/09 2025/01/12

Annual Conference

Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) Hobart TAS, Australia 2025/01/12 2025/01/15

World Renewable Energy Congress

World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) Manama, Bahrain 2025/01/12 2025/01/15

Annual Conference

Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) San Francisco CA, USA 2025/01/13 2025/01/16

Annual Conference

Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE) Potchefstroom, South Africa 2025/01/13 2025/01/16

Conference on Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research (TISLR)

Sign Language Linguistics Society (SLLS) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2025/01/14 2025/01/17

Nordic Process Control Workshop

Nordic Working Group on Process Control (NPC) Espoo, Finland 2025/01/15 2025/01/17

Annual Meeting

Deutschsprachige Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Verbrennungsbehandlung (DAV) Oberstdorf, Germany 2025/01/15 2025/01/18

Annual Meeting and General Assembly

Associations and Conference Forum (AC Forum) Glasgow, UK 2025/01/16 2025/01/18

General Assembly

International Science Council (ISC) Muscat, Oman 2025/01/22 2025/01/26

International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses

Climate Change: Impacts & Responses Research Network (Climate Change: Impacts & Responses) Miami FL, USA 2025/01/23 2025/01/25

International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability

On Sustainability Research Network (On Sustainability) Miami FL, USA 2025/01/23 2025/01/25

European Zoo Nutrition Conference

European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Apeldoorn, Netherlands 2025/01/23 2025/01/26

Annual Conference

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) San Diego CA, USA 2025/01/25 2025/01/29

Monaco Age Oncologie

Association Internationale pour la promotion de Formations Spécialisées en Médecine et en Sciences Biologiques (AFISM) Monaco, Monaco 2025/01/29 2025/01/31

CERME Conference

European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (ERME) Bolzano, Italy 2025/02/03 2025/02/07


African Society of Human Genetics (AfSHG) Entebbe, Uganda 2025/02/03 2025/02/07

Annual Congress

European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD) Milan, Italy 2025/02/04 2025/02/07

Asia Pacific Microscopy Conference

Committee of Asia/Pacific Societies for Microscopy (CAPSM) Brisbane QLD, Australia 2025/02/05 2025/02/07

Plenary Spring Meeting

Nordic Myeloma Study Group (NMSG) Copenhagen, Denmark 2025/02/06 2025/02/07


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