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Future International Meetings & Congresses

Event Organization Location Start Date End Date

European Harm Reduction Conference (EHRC)

Correlation - European Harm Reduction Network (C-EHRN) Warsaw, Poland 2024/12/02 2024/12/04

Fall Americas Summit

Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC) Phoenix AZ, USA 2024/12/02 2024/12/06


Sociedad Interamericana de Filosofia (SIF) Montevideo, Uruguay 2024/12/02 2024/12/05

International Conference on Near-field Optics, Nanophotonics, and Related Techniques (NFO)

International Conference on Near-field Optics, Nanophotonics, and Related Techniques (NFO) Melbourne VIC, Australia 2024/12/02 2024/12/06

Annual Conference

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy (ASCP) Geelong VIC, Australia 2024/12/02 2024/12/04

International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods

International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM) Hiroshima, Japan 2024/12/02 2024/12/06

Assembly of the States Parties

International Criminal Court (ICC) The Hague, Netherlands 2024/12/02 2024/12/07

International Forum

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) Bangkok, Thailand 2024/12/02 2024/12/05


Ibero-American Federation of Acoustics Santiago, Chile 2024/12/02 2024/12/04

Annual Conference

Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives, and Museums (PIALA) Guam 2024/12/02 2024/12/06

Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium

Moon Village Association (MVA) Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2024/12/02 2024/12/04

Annual Congress

Union des Aéroports Français & Francophones Associés (UAF & FA) Montrouge, France 2024/12/02 2024/12/03

The International Environmetrics Society Conference (TIES 2024)

International Environmetrics Society (TIES) Adelaide SA, Australia 2024/12/02 2024/12/05

International Congress on Infectious Diseases

International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) Cape Town, South Africa 2024/12/03 2024/12/06

International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications (NOLTA)

International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications (NOLTA) Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 2024/12/03 2024/12/06


Fédération internationale de philatélie (FIP) Shanghai, China 2024/12/03 2024/12/03

FIDIC International Contract Users Conference

International Federation of Consulting Engineers London, UK 2024/12/03 2024/12/04

Asian Venous Forum

Asian Society for Vascular Surgery (ASVS) Bangkok, Thailand 2024/12/03 2024/12/06

Global Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Congress

Global AYA Accord Melbourne VIC, Australia 2024/12/03 2024/12/06

Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conference

Asia Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS) Taipei, Taiwan 2024/12/03 2024/12/05

International Forum on Elite Sport

Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC) Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2024/12/03 2024/12/06


Asian Society for Vascular Surgery (ASVS) Bangkok, Thailand 2024/12/03 2024/12/06

Meeting of the MACHC

Meso-American-Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC) Panama, Panama 2024/12/03 2024/12/06


International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) Goa, India 2024/12/03 2024/12/07

Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC)

Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC) Chongqing, China 2024/12/03 2024/12/06

International Publishers Congress

International Publishers Association (IPA) Guadalajara, Mexico 2024/12/03 2024/12/06

International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL)

International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL) Sunaway City, Malaysia 2024/12/04 2024/12/06

Youth Innovation Forum on Digital Earth

International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) Shatin, Hong Kong 2024/12/04 2024/12/07

International Display Workshops (IDW)

Society for Information Display (SID) Sapporo, Japan 2024/12/04 2024/12/06

Triennial Symposium

International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) Muscat, Oman 2024/12/04 2024/12/06


International Vestibular Rehabilitation Society (IVRS) Lille, France 2024/12/04 2024/12/04

Fibre Value Chain Conference

Appita - Australia and New Zealand Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Association Rotorua, New Zealand 2024/12/04 2024/12/06

Biennial Conference

Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT) Singapore, Singapore 2024/12/04 2024/12/06

Quadrennial World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Latinamerican Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition / Federation of International Societies for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition / Buenos Aires, Argentina 2024/12/04 2024/12/07

European Headache Congress

European Headache Federation (EHF) Rotterdam, Netherlands 2024/12/04 2024/12/07


International Association for Boundary Element Methods (IABEM) Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2024/12/04 2024/12/06

The Enterprise Days

Institut Arabe des Chefs d'Entreprises (IACE) Sousse, Tunisia 2024/12/05 2024/12/07

Annual Meeting

European Commodities Exchange Paris, France 2024/12/05 2024/12/06

Latin America Regional Meeting

Association of Academic Health Centers International (AAHC International) Monterrey, Mexico 2024/12/05 2024/12/06

World Congress of Total Intravenous Anaesthesia and Target Controlled Infusion (SIVA-TCI)

World Society of Intravenous Anaesthesia (World SIVA ONLUS) Brisbane QLD, Australia 2024/12/05 2024/12/08

RubberCon Conference

International Rubber Conference Organisation (IRCO) Kochi, India 2024/12/05 2024/12/07

Africa Youth Conference on Summit of the Future

Resilient40 Nairobi, Kenya 2024/12/05 2024/12/07

World Congress

Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) Tokyo, Japan 2024/12/05 2024/12/06

International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems (INTSYS)

European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) Pisa, Italy 2024/12/05 2024/12/06

Annual Conference

International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) Cape Town, South Africa 2024/12/05 2024/12/06

International Congress, Psoriasis: from Gene to Clinic

International Congress, Psoriasis: from Gene to Clinic London, UK 2024/12/05 2024/12/07

International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems

International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS) Bali, Indonesia 2024/12/05 2024/12/07

Vitiligo International Symposium

Global Vitiligo Foundation Chicago IL, USA 2024/12/06 2024/12/08

World Conference

World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC) Campinas, Brazil 2024/12/06 2024/12/08

International Congress of Integrative Medicine - Integrative Oncology

International Congress of Integrative Medicine - Integrative Oncology (ICIM) Porto, Portugal 2024/12/06 2024/12/07


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