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Future International Meetings & Congresses

Event Organization Location Start Date End Date

Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry (MEGA)

Métodos Efectivos en Geometria Algebraica (MEGA) Krakow, Poland 2022/06/20 2022/06/24

Annual Conference

International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) Toronto ON, Canada 2022/06/20 2022/06/22


European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) Aveiro, Portugal 2022/06/21 2022/06/24

Slot Conference (SC)

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Seattle WA, USA 2022/06/21 2022/06/23


International Institute of Sugar Beet Research (IIRB) Mons, Belgium 2022/06/21 2022/06/23

Interspill International Conference

EuroSpill Association Amsterdam, Netherlands 2022/06/21 2022/06/23

Annual Meeting

International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) New York NY, USA 2022/06/21 2022/06/26

Biennial Symposium

International Committee for Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Studies Thessaloniki, Greece 2022/06/21 2022/06/25

Annual Conference

International Association for Applied Econometrics (IAAE) London, UK 2022/06/21 2022/06/24


International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB) New York NY, USA 2022/06/21 2022/06/24

Annual Conference

European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EPhMRA) London, UK 2022/06/21 2022/06/23


Fédération Internationale des Confréries Bachiques (FICB) Portugal 2022/06/21 2022/06/28

Nordic Fire & Safety Days

Nordic Fire & Safety Days (NFSD) Lund, Sweden 2022/06/21 2022/06/22

Nordic Seminar on Railway Technology

Nordic Seminar on Railway Technology Tampere, Finland 2022/06/21 2022/06/22

PATT: Pupils Attitudes Toward Technology

Pupils' Attitudes Toward Technology (PATT) St John's NL, Canada 2022/06/21 2022/06/24

International Congress on Oral Pathology and Medicine

International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists (IAOP) Taipei, Taiwan 2022/06/21 2022/06/25

Africa Energy Forum

Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) Brussels, Belgium 2022/06/21 2022/06/24

International Conference on Food Bioactives and Health

International Conference on Food Bioactives and Health (FBHC) 2022/06/21 2022/06/24

International Conference

Society for the Study of the Short Story in English (SSSS) Singapore, Singapore 2022/06/21 2022/06/25

Annual Meeting

Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) San Francisco CA, USA 2022/06/21 2022/06/24


Internationale Akademie land- und hauswirtschaftlicher Beraterinnen und Berater (IALB) Lugo, Spain 2022/06/21 2022/06/25

International Symposium

Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) Adelaide SA, Australia 2022/06/21 2022/06/24

International Conference on Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy (CMDS)

International Conference on Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy (CMDS) Austin TX, USA 2022/06/21 2022/06/24

Annual Congress

International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP) Copenhagen, Denmark 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

Annual Meeting

European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) Copenhagen, Denmark 2022/06/22 2022/06/25


Société de réanimation de langue française (SRLF) Paris, France 2022/06/22 2022/06/24


International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (ISEK) Québec QC, Canada 2022/06/22 2022/06/25


European Patients' Forum (EPF) Brussels, Belgium 2022/06/22 2022/06/24


World Congress of Accounting Historians St Petersburg, Russia 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

A Blueprint for Equality

European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) Brussels, Belgium 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

Nordic Congress of General Practice

Nordic Federation of General Practice ApS (NFGP ApS) Stavanger, Norway 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

International Conference on Small Island Cultures

Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI Network) Shetland, UK 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

Global CEO Summit

UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry Hamburg, Germany 2022/06/22 2022/06/24


European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (ESRA) Thessaloniki, Greece 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

Annual Meeting

European Pancreatic Club (EPC) Kiev, Ukraine 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

European Conference on Embolotherapy

Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) Nice, France 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Regional Meeting

Association of Academic Health Centers International (AAHC International) Sao Paulo, Brazil 2022/06/22 2022/06/23

World Congress of Scottish Literatures

International Association for the Study of Scottish Literatures (IASSL) Prague, Czech Rep 2022/06/22 2022/06/26

LGBT+ Psychology and Related Fields

Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA) Lisbon, Portugal 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

World Congress

International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH) Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

Annual Conference

Asian Association for Investors in non-listed real estate vehicle (ANREV) Singapore, Singapore 2022/06/22 2022/06/23

Annual Meeting

IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE) Halifax NS, Canada 2022/06/22 2022/06/23

Annual Congress

European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) Lisbon, Portugal 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions

CSSI Community Wageningen, Netherlands 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

Biennial Conference

European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH) Lisbon, Portugal 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

International Conference on Language and Social Psychology

International Association of Language and Social Psychology (IALSP) Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

General Session

International Society of Dental Regulators (ISDR) Chengdu, China 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

Annual Congress

European Business History Association (EBHA) Madrid, Spain 2022/06/22 2022/06/24

General Session

International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Chengdu, China 2022/06/22 2022/06/25

Annual General Meeting

European Society for Paediatric Nephrology (ESPN) Ljubljana, Slovenia 2022/06/22 2022/06/25


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