Functional Classification

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1. Anthony Judge. Presentation of GPID integration through functional classification of international organizations. (Paper represented to 5th Network Meeting of the Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development project of the United Nations University, Montreal, 1980).

2. Paul Otlet. Tableau de l'Organisation Internationale; organismes internationaux et activits internationales (2ème partie du Rapport général à la Conférence des associations internationales, Genève, 1924). Bruxelles, Union des Associations Internationales, 1924, 37 pages, UAI Publ Nr 114.



It is too soon to assess the merit of this approach in terms of its more experimental aims. Hopefully their implications have however been related to the organization of the categories in such a way as not to affect its value as a practical tool. As such the result is an interesting compromise between theory and practice with the merit of emphasizing the dimensions of innovative change and the value-related experiences in the name of which it is advocated.



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