2020 Supercentenary Celebration and Seminar

“A supercentenarian (sometimes hyphenated as super-centenarian) is someone who has reached the age of 110.” (Wikipedia)


UIA regrets that, due to the current global health risks and the restricted movement those risks impose on us, our Supercentenary celebration is cancelled. We hope to take up our plans again next year, for the 111st anniversary.


9:00–15:00: SEMINAR on association archives


The past: Speakers explore the impact and legacy of international associations, globally and locally.
Including: Cyril Ritchie, President of UIA

The present: International associations today and the role of Brussels

The future: "MetaVisioning the next 110 years" a workshop//facilitated by UIA Members Tim Casswell and Jennifer LaTrobe

  • What is the world we dream**of for our children’s children to inhabit?
  • What is the world we dread**our children’s children will inhabit?
  • What contribution can a union of our inter-national associating make?
  • Following in the path of Otlet and La Fontaine, what can we create?



On 9 May 1910, at the Palais des Académie in Brussels, the First World Congress of International Organizations was convened. The representatives from 137 international civil society bodies and 13 governments present formally agreed to transform the Central Office into the Union of International Associations. The new UIA was to provide services including management of relations between international associations, study of questions of common interest, creation of new organizations, international instruction, management of publications and documentation, and other general services.

The 2nd World Congress of International Organizations was held in Ghent in May 1913, with representatives from 169 international associations and 22 governments.


Registration is free and will begin in April

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