Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Zero Hunger

It is time to rethink how we grow, share and consume our food. If done right, agriculture, forestry and fisheries can provide nutritious food for all and generate decent incomes, while supporting people-centered rural development and protecting the environment.

Right now, our soils, freshwater, oceans, forests and biodiversity are being rapidly degraded. Climate change is putting even more pressure on the resources we depend on, increasing risks associated with disasters, such as droughts and floods. Many rural women and men can no longer make ends meet on their land, forcing them to migrate to cities in search of opportunities. Poor food security is also causing millions of children to be stunted, or too short for the ages, due to severe malnutrition.

A profound change of the global food and agriculture system is needed if we are to nourish the 815 million people who are hungry today and the additional 2 billion people expected to be undernourished by 2050. Investments in agriculture are crucial to increasing the capacity for agricultural productivity and sustainable food production systems are necessary to help alleviate the perils of hunger.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

West African Association of Food Science and Technology

WAAFoST 2008 Guelph ON Canada D

West African Centre for Rural and Agricultural Credit Training

WACRACT Nairobi Kenya S c

West African Network of Farmers' Organizations and Agricultural Producers

2000 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso F

West African Women's Association

WAWA 1984 Dakar Senegal E

West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development

WECARD 1987 Dakar Senegal F

West India Committee

WIC 1735 London UK F v

West Indies Central Sugar Cane Breeding Station

CBS 1962 St George Barbados E

West Indies Sugarcane Breeding and Evaluation Network

WISBEN St George Barbados K

Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

WCPFC Kolonia Micronesia FS E gy

Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission

WECAFC 1973 Bridgetown Barbados E g

Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council

Honolulu HI USA G g

Wetlands International

1995 Wageningen Netherlands B

WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean

EMRO 1948 Cairo Egypt E g

Whole Grain Initiative

WGI 2017 Vienna Austria E y

Windward Islands Farmers' Association

WINFA 1987 Kingstown St Vincent-Grenadines F

WMO Applications of Meteorology Programme

AMP Geneva Switzerland K g

Women First International Fund

1969 New York NY USA F f

Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

WOCAN Washington DC USA G

Women's World Summit Foundation

WWSF 1991 Geneva Switzerland F f

Working Group on Criteria and Indicators for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Temperate and Boreal Forests

Montreal Process 1994 Tokyo Japan E

Working Group on Prolamin Analysis and Toxicity

WGPAT 1985 Esslingen Germany D

Working Group on Rainforests and Biodiversity

1987 Bielefeld Germany G v

World Agricultural Forum

WAF 1997 St Louis MO USA G

World Agricultural Information Centre

WAICENT 1992 Rome Italy K g

World Agroforestry Centre

ICRAF 1977 Nairobi Kenya E

World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action

WABA 1991 Penang Malaysia B y

World Alliance for Nutrition and Human Rights


World Animal Protection

1981 London UK B

World Aquaculture Society

WAS 1970 Sorrento LA USA C

World Assemblies of God Fellowship

WAGF 1988 Springfield MO USA F

World Association for Animal Production

WAAP 1965 Rome Italy C y

World Association for Buiatrics

WAB 1962 Ozzano dell'Emilia Italy C y

World Association of Beet and Cane Growers

WABCG 1984 Paris France E

World Association of Seaweed Processors

MARINALG International 1976 Brussels Belgium D t

World Association of Veterinary Food Hygienists

WAVFH 1955 Berlin Germany C

World Bank - WWF Alliance for Forest Conservation and Sustainable Use

WB - WWF Forest Alliance 1998 Washington DC USA E

World Benchmarking Alliance

WBA Amsterdam Netherlands C y

World Brahman Federation

WBF 1981 Houston TX USA C

World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses

WBFSH 1994 Mårslet Denmark C

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

WBCSD 1995 Geneva Switzerland C

World Central Kitchen

WCK Washington DC USA N

World Concern International

1955 Seattle WA USA F

World Congress on Sheep and Cattle Breeding

Nouzilly France S c

World Council of Fisheries Societies

WCFS 2000 Bethesda MD USA G

World Emergency Relief

WER 1985 San Dimas CA USA G

World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center

WEA Sustainability Center 2018 Bonn Germany G

World Fair Trade Latin America

WFTO-LA Ypacarai Paraguay D t

World Farmers' Organisation

WFO 2011 Rome Italy C

World Federation of Ayrshire Breed Societies

Prestwick UK F

World Federation of Merino Breeders

WFMB 1986 Condobolin NSW Australia C