UNESCO Database of Non-Governmental Organizations

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UNESCO NGO Database, A Project of the Union of International AssociationsThe Section for Non-Governmental Organizations – Sector for External Relations and Cooperation of UNESCO has entrusted the Union of International Associations with the creation and maintenance of a customized Database of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), foundations and similar partner institutions.

Since its inception, UNESCO has given great importance to partnership with civil society organizations, in particular NGOs. For more than a half-century, UNESCO has set up a valuable network of cooperative relations with a number of organizations in its fields of competence, thereby enabling it to work with civil society in achieving its objectives and to disseminate its democratic and ethical ideals.

The database is freely accessible, and contains the fully searchable profiles in English and in French of the above mentioned organizations, as well as the contact details of their institutional members. The organizations concerned are contacted directly by the UIA to provide their most recent information, as well as the contact details and profiles of their member associations.

For more information about UNESCO partner NGOs, please refer to UNESCO's website.

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