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From: "Rebecca O'Malley"
Date sent: Thu, 28 Jul 2022
Subject: You are invited to participate ICSAN 2022 New York & Dakar

Dear Madam or Sir,

Greetings from Global Partnership for Education (GPE)!!

The Global Partnership for Education is an International Organization and a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization that strives towards access to Social amenities to all. We do intervene through Advocacy, Health Education, Gender Violence, Human Right Education, Peacebuilding, Labor Migration, Human Trafficking, and Environmental Protection. Over the years we have engaged in evidence-based policy advocacy on human trafficking at international, regional, and national levels.

On behalf of the committee and staff of the Global Partnership for Education; It is truly my honor and pleasure to have this opportunity to welcome you and others to attend the next International Conference on CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND NEGLECT to be held September 18 to 21- 2022 in New York City Downtown King Luxury Hotel Convention Center, 157 William St, New York, NY 10038, United States, and the second edition of the event will be held from September 24 to 26 - 2022 Dakar, Senegal at the King Luxury Hotel and Convention Center. The conference is being organized by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in partnership with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) International Organization for Migration IOM.

ICSAN 2022 Registration is free and all invited delegates are entitled to free United States Visa / Senegalese Visa arrangements by the Organizing committee which include round trip air tickets by the International Organization for Migration IOM. The delegate will only be responsible for his/her hotel accommodation at the conference host King Luxury Hotel. If you have any further query related to the conference on registration process kindly email the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) conference secretary via email or

Do inform them that Mrs. Rebecca O'Malley, a staff member of the Global Partnership for Education Organization recommended you and for further assistance do not hesitate to contact me at ( We welcome submissions from all over the world and we encourage you to join us to share your knowledge and the latest research results and ideas with others; as we are about to Eliminate gender-based violence and protect the health and rights of women and children in humanitarian settings.

We would be grateful if you could confirm your participation, together with other Colleagues, at your earliest convenience not later than conference deadline to completing your Registration, Looking forward to your participation at ICSAN 2022 here in New York, and Dakar Senegal. I remain, cordially, and appreciate your attention and look forward to your favourable reply.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Rebecca O’Malley
Global Partnership for Education Organization
Conference Organizing Committee ICSAN 2022
NYC the United States


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