UIA's Open Access Journals

Transnational Associations | 1977 | Issue No: 1-2

INGO/IGO Case Studies on Organizations
INGOs: Consultative Status
INGOs: Materials on the Women's Movement / Gender Issues
INGOs: Political, Economic and General Aspects
League of Nations / United Nations System
Multinational Enterprises
Organizational Interaction: IGO-INGO interaction



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The Journals

La Vie Internationale (1912-1914): A journal of ideas and happenings in international associations of that time period.

Bulletin des Associations Internationales (1943-1944): Its purpose was to contribute to the development of discussions about international associations.

UIA Bulletin Mensuel (1949-1950)

NGO Bulletin (1951-1953)

International Associations (1954-1976): A review of international organizations and meetings.

Transnational Associations (1977-2005): Provided background information about the actions and achievements of civil society organizations, and insights into their relations with intergovernmental organizations.