Quotes from Reviews of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

"No limit exists to the application of this Encyclopedia - it is an excellent data source for any type of theoretical and practical research."
- Journal of Documentation

"The term "awesome" is prone to overuse. Nevertheless, its use is entirely appropriate to describe this massive, rich, yet easily accessible work."
- Current Issues In Criminal Justice

"A really extraordinary help for mankind, could be of tremendous help for decision makers."
- Knowledge Organization

"The most comprehensive source of information on world problems, on how they are perceived to be interrelated, and on the human resources and strategies which can be used to challenge them."
- Scientific and Medical Network

"Many local, regional and global problems can only be solved through an integrative, holistic approach involving the identification of several hundred EFPVs. Here, the Encyclopedia is an invaluable conceptual and applied tool."
- Journal of Documentation

"Radically different perspectives are offered by this really exciting source of descriptions of human capabilities to policy-makers, social researchers and those concerned with development strategies."
- Knowledge Organization

"This is a valuable and important collection of information, and should not be missed."

"The insight and stimuli to be found in the Encyclopedia should be made accessible to as many people as possible."
- International Social Science Review

"If political bodies would really like to see citizens actively doing something about world problems, the Encyclopedia is the educational work which will give them the means to this end."
- International Social Science Review

"Occasionally a powerfully outstanding piece of work reminds us of what can, and should be achieved. This is one of them."
- Futures - Oxford

"The authors and the compiler of this Encyclopedia have tried to solve a problem that seems to utterly defy solution. Nevertheless they have solved it in some way."
- IC International Classification

"The Encyclopedia is a wonder that could only come from superhuman dedication, unremitting toil, a bit of genius, and, yes, a madness upon which the gods have smiled."
- The Futurist

"Like no other encyclopedia. Its subject-matter is unique: the problems facing humanity, the way international organisations and networks perceive those problems, and the ideas that exist about human potential."
- World Goodwill

"The Encyclopedia is full of fascinating, quite deadpan information about every conceivable problem, presented in an impartial manner, with both sides of every argument side by side."

"The healthiest challenge to problem thinking one could hope to find, a radical departure which sheds insight and sense."
- Inquiry Magazine

"A real treasure trove providing multiple insights into problem perceptions which both reflect and shape realities."
- Yehezkel Dror

"There is nothing like it, either in depth or scope. A unique contribution to our understanding of the global problematique."
- Peter Russell, author of Global Brain

"What an idea! Warmly recommended, a fresh approach that hopefully will stimulate more creativity in all of us."
- Johan Galtung, Olof Palme Professor of Peace Studies

"A powerfully outstanding piece of work ... as a research tool, a source of material and a continuing inspiration. We would all be better off if there were more works of this stature."
- Richard A Slaughter, Futures

"The Encyclopedia introduces the user gently to a highly unsatisfactory state of world affairs, providing him with an improved insight into the many contradictions in which world problems are ensnarled, and the reasons that they have come about."
- Robert Jungk, Zukunft