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We are pleased to inform you that your accreditation has been verified and you are eligible to attend the United Nations RIO+20 Conference on Sustainable Development as Delegate(s). The RIO+20 Conference will be held from 27th - 30th October, 2015 at the International Exhibition and Convention Centre -(IECC London) United Kingdom. Our challenge today is to identify the practical steps needed to achieve sustainable development.

As a confirmed delegate, you will receive the conference abstracts plus a list of participants. You will also receive a name badge at the registration desk which we ask you to wear throughout conference hours for security purposes.

Find attached your official participation confirmation letter from the conference steering committee. Your Participation Confirmation number(s) are as follows; UN/RIO+20/UK/ & UN/RIO+20/UK/ respectively. Thank you for confirming your participation.

Please note that your air travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). We have made available "free" sponsorship for delegates air flight tickets that will be routed from delegates home country to London and from London back to delegates home country (To & Fro). All confirmed participant will receive an all round free (Economy-Class) flight tickets at the British Airways (BA) sales office in their country or at any of the BA affiliate airline office in their home country after the processing of travel documents. Although London is served by many international flights, British airways (BA) have been officially contracted to airlift participants to London. In some countries where British Airways do not operate, alternative airline arrangement will be provided. If you are making your own air travel arrangements, you must notify the programme officer with your flight itinerary to receive the applicable air credit. Air flight tickets will be delivered to confirmed participants free of charge.

We shall confirm your air flight ticket via our travel agency and send it to your e-mail address as specified in your registration form.

Meet us in London to assert a new change for a stronger society. We the peoples… A stronger UN for a better world.

Human and Community Development “The Key to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction”.


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