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From: International E-Conference
Date sent: Nov 2021
Subject: Conference Invitee

International E-Conference on COVID-19 & Health System: The Lessons Learned
January 15th - 19th, 2022
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064 United State of Amercia

Dear Conference Invitee,

We are honored to host a scientific and research-based event in our country united states of America,which deals with recent concern of all societies and addresses the current pandemic of covid-19. In CCOVID-19 & Health System: The Lessons Learned conference, as the title illustrates well our objectives mainly focus on: the acquired lessons as well as recounting and sharing the experiences; the approaches implemented by the health care systems in facing covid-19 as a new and unknown disease;perceived weaknesses and strengths over the disease control and management;the treatment methods and the efficiency of taking various protective and health care measures to preserve environment; effective nursing and medical cares;screening methods; recommended diets; efficient health care systems; methods of educating people and providing public awareness and encouraging public collaborations; the approaches to intersectional coordination; mental health empowerment, religious beliefs and health care system; and last but not least diagnosing and reporting methods. All of these issues are controversial in facing a new disease. We hope to provide a positive atmosphere for all the esteemed researchers and participants wherein they share their latest scientific and research findings due to the nonstop nature of emerging diseases worldwide over the ages.Also, we hope this event will release practical and valuable results to boost the management methods in dealing with novel diseases particularly Covid-19.

A. Free flight tickets (Air travel expenses) for all qualified participants, from participants country of departure to America and back to participants country of destination.
B. Free medical throughout the duration of the conference.
C. Free transportation for movement of participants from to tourist sites within America city.
d. Free tour to attractive sites within and outside conference host city (Chicago in united states of America).

NOTE: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in conjunction with United Nations Global Financial and Economic Crisis,will not assume any other responsibility than those listed above.To register for this event, kindly fill the intending participant form and indicate your interest to participate. Inquiry
regarding registration form, accommodation, flight ticket and travel visa should be addressed to the conference secretary via e-mail:(

Let's meet at Chicago in United state of America to assert a new change for a stronger society.

Dr,Keith Sheldon,
Communication and Public Affairs
(Rosalind Franklin University Chicago of Medicine and Science)
(in conjunction United Nations Global Financial and Economic Crisis)


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