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Date sent: 05 May 2021

Dear Sir,

The Association for Health Alternatives (AHA) takes the pleasure to invite you to the highly anticipated International Congress on AIDS, Covid-19, Health, Wellness, Reconciliation, Peace-building, Human Rights and Security in Modern Society to be held on Date: August 24th – August 27th,2001 in United States of America (Fully Booked) and August 23th – August 27th, 2021 Venue:Baglioni Hotel London, United Kingdom (Registration in progress).

The Conference will commence by creating an amalgamated global platform where enthusiastic researches, medical practitioner, policy makers, stakeholders, intellectual scholars and many more getting together for a common purpose of identifying the challenges and issues on AIDS, Covid- 19, Health, Wellness, Reconciliation, Peace-building, Human Rights and Security in Modern Society to solve the particular issues by their combined research findings.

The organizing committee and sponsors are responsible for the participants' visa processing for those who require a visa to the United Kingdom, Free round-trip air tickets for participants will be provided by the organization, the hotel accommodation booking cost will be your own responsibility.

Certificates of attendances: Certificates of attendance will be offered to all participants at the end of this meeting. The conference organizing a committee in conjunction with our donor sponsors committee has mapped out some financial rewards to group participants that distinguished themselves in their areas of discipline. A panel of Judges has been appointed to oversee and to select participants of merit. Awards and gifts will be given to participants on merit.

Who can participate? A minimum of 1-3 persons.

The Conference is designed to bring together Tran-disciplinary scholars and interested physicians, clergy, chaplains, lecturers, teachers, lawyers, Law enforcement, government agencies, students, business men and women and lay persons from other parts of the world to present and discuss the latest research.

Presentation of paper during the workshop: Presentation of paperwork is open to any delegate willing to present a paper during the summit on any of the conference topics above. You are to inform us when submitting your details for registration.

For registration contact: Dr Vele George


Number: +1(504)332-5380

Best Regards,
AHA Office.
Dr Joan Ben


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