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World Human Rights &Aids Foundation        

Dear Participant(s)     

WHRAF Receive your Group details, we believe you have explain to your co-participant about our rules and regulation/mission and vision of this organization. See the attachment beneath.   

Here are the information of the hotel where you are to make your reservation and furnish with your receipt/ref number with  filed document you just receive within 3 working days or less as the conference date is fast approaching . We will provide you an emergency traveling document since you have no passport, note that this will last for just two weeks of the summit.

Note: Therefore, we have chosen a newly established hotel which we do not disseminate much details for security reasons.Marie Chavez holiday resorts
Rue 10 x 52 Martin Luther King
Sénégal Wést Africa.
TEL: 00221-763-047-506FAX: 00221-33-836-409-1
Note: When you make your reservation in the above hotel, request for your reference number which will be your file number, this serve as a confirmation that you are officially participating in the forth coming symposium before we can process your file/document.

Your half payment is 270 USD each for six night while the full payment is 540 USD, the organization is taking responsibility of half as agreed.

Contact Dr. Wane Coly the West Africa Coordinator via this email address.
If any need for assistance.

Note: Forms should be submitted before the deadline 23/01/2020 or on the given date for quick process of your visa.If there will be a delay in processing this, kindly get back to us before the stipulated date.Check your mail often, avoid responding late.
Thanks,Dr. Christine Kuehner
Approval Department.

World Human Right & Aids Foundation (WHRAF)
Phone: +1 (323) 676 6308
Fax:      +1 (844) 381 2123
Address: 5609 Old Court Road, Windsor Mill, Baltimore, MD 21244-1146, USA.

World Human Right APP.pdf

Respond via same email address as soon as possible.
Dr. Christine Keuhner
Summit approval Department.

World Human Right & Aids Foundation (WHRAF)
Phone: +1 (323) 676 6308
Fax:      +1 (844) 381 2123
Address:5609 Old Court Road, Windsor Mill, Baltimore, MD 21244-1146, USA


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