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Fraudulent message

Date: December 2019

Youth Global Organization
90 Lafayette Street, New York 10002
Tel:+1 87 760 922 33.Fax:+12420731529

Dear Participant:

Greetings and peace from United States to you,carefully read this mail so as to get good understanding.We are working in accordance for the forth coming conference Human Trafficking and Problems of Youth Unemployment and Global economic crisis eradication will take place in World convention hall NYC New York United States and the second conference will be on the issue political problems in Africa. Including Child Abuse militants, terrorist issue and the children being affected by terrorist,issues of Violence in Africans will take place at the choice hotel, Dakar_ Senegal

Kindly be inform that we have accept you as Delegates to participate in both Conference.

Your names are here with us now.

We have opened your participation file and The file was opened with the following information you sent.

Your participation file number is please take note of your participation file number.

Your Name/s-------------:
Date of Birth-----------:
Place of Birth----------:
Passport Number---------:
Country Code Number------:
Country of Origin-------:
Country of Residence----:
Phone Contact-----------:
Hotel confirmation receipt:

You are to fill the above information correctly in your participant form.All participant should join the list of participants from different countries who have already forwarded their forms and confirmations of their hotel reservations of Dakar Senegal to us.We are waiting for the required number of participants to get completed before forwarding them to the U.S and Senegal Bureau of Immigration Affairs for the processing and Authorization of the participants visas.

We have few number of participants left to complete the required number.

We need to forward the forms along with confirmation of the hotel reservation in Dakar Senegal to the visa authorizing authority in advance. The processing of your documents will start as soon as we receive your African hotel reservation confirmation receipt and registration participants filled form.All your documents will be processed here in United States before your visit to the U.S and Senegal embassy in your Country or country you are presently residing. You will get your visas from the U.S or Senegal Embassy in your country or country of residence.

We will forward your documents to The Ambassador for endorsement after the procession here in United States, while you get your visas through the Consular Section. Any information which is in your Passports is what you will use to fill your visa form which We will provide to you.We will send your visas forms as soon as your group Africa hotel reservation confirmation receipt reach to us. During your visit to the embassy.

You have only three questions to answer which we will reveal the questions and answers to you after the processing of your documents. every participants will travel with Air France,You will get your tickets from the Air France Agency in your country or country you are presently residing,through our directives after the processing of your documents. we will send you the ticket code number, in which you will go with it to Air France office in your country or country you are presently residing for insurance of the booklet. We will get in touch with you as soon as you send your African hotel reservation confirmation receipt to us which will prove that you will be going down to Africa for the second conference after the U.S Conference. All participant must be together with your fellow Youths as soon as we process your Documents, View the attachment and print out the form, fill it with your hand writing as you will e-mail it back as attachment to us together with your Africa hotel reservation confirmation receipt.You can contact the hotel with the information below once more.
Note that without your Africa hotel booking confirmation receipt and registration participants filled form,The U.S Bureau of Immigrant Affairs will not authorize your visas documents to attend any of those conference. So if you really want to be part of the event,We advise you to follow our respective instructions to enable you complete our requirements since this is your first time of attending or participating to our event.It is the law of the Organizations that all participants must have to pay for there reservation fee according to this year decision by the executive body and any amount given to our participants by the hotel is the amount to be paid by participants, contact the below hotel in Dakar Senegal immediately via email so as to avoid late registration or cancellation.

Avenue Abdoulaye Fadiga.
BP 2073.

E-MAIL:[ ]
Call:(+221) 70/50/460/27.
Fax:(+221) 33/65/415/20.

The organization will take care of participants entire flight tickets from the participants home country or country of residence to U.S and from U.S to Dakar Senegal and back to the participant home country or country of residence,accommodation and feeding throughout their stay for the conference in the United States.Participants are only responsible and to pay for their hotel accommodation in Senegal Africa,The purpose of this is to assist Participants in completing their Visa documents. As we need to forward participants hotel reservation booking confirmation receipt letter from the assigned hotel in Senegal along with their registration participants filled form to the U.S Bureau of Immigrant Affairs for Visa approval.

Yours Sincerely,
Madam Nancy Heather,
Secretary General.

From: choice hotel
Date: December 2019

Avenue Abdoulaye Fadiga.
BP 2073.
E-MAIL:[ ]

Dear Client:

CHOICE HOTEL DAKAR SENEGAL,In receipt of your email we are working according to the instruction given to us by the youth global Organization,use this The detail to send the payment,Western Union Money transfer Money/Gram money transfer or Eco bank rapid transfer in our country,As soon as your payment is received.we send you the booking confirmation receipt within 24 hours, which we will also send a copy to the US office on your behalf for approval of your visa.

Sender Name:
Address Send:
Address: Dakar Senegal
Amount Send:
Answer :



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