Brussels - NEO: Developing and regenerating the Heysel Plateau

A meeting place for Europe!

Development of Brussels’ new convention and tourism hub has started. Neo project will not only revitalize the whole Heysel Plateau, but also offer huge new economic potential for the region and boost the appeal of Brussels as a world-class congress city.
The bold new project combines business, culture, entertainment and commerce, guided by the double objective of sustainability and wellbeing. At the heart of Neo is a convention centre for 3,500 delegates, more than 500 hotel rooms, a 15,000-seat concert hall and a new state-of-the-art exhibition hall that will add an advanced technological dimension to the existing Brussels Expo.
But Neo will also have a social soul: 750 new houses, a 60,000 m² shopping centre, recreational facilities, restaurants and cafes will create a diverse but balanced urban hub, well-served by public and private transport. A continuation of Brussels’ successful recipe …mixing visitors with locals in the capital of Europe.