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Dear Colleague,

The International Youth & Women Foundation (I.Y.W.F) is pleased to invite you to participate in our forth-coming International Conference on (Child Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Racism And Human Trafficking). This event will begins from (January 21st-24th 2014) in California, United State of America and (January 28th-31st 2014) in Dakar, Senegal. I am honored to invite you to attend this events as my guest.

For more details and requirement for your registration, kindly contact the secretariat office via Mr. Charles Raymond E-mail: Also feel free to contact me if you need any further details related to this events. Endeavor to inform the secretariat that you were invited to participate by (Ms. Angela Williams) a staff member of the International Youth & Women Foundation.

Note that the Organizing Committee and Our donor sponsors will take the full responsibility of all registered participants Visa processing for the United States & Senegal respectively. That will include your Round trip air tickets to both events. While delegates will only be responsible for his/her own hotel accommodation in Dakar,Senegal were the second phase of the event will take place. I do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to attend these conference and share your ideas on this topic on the panel!

Please let me know whether you can make it as soon as you can, through my personal e-mail:

Ms. Angela Williams
International Youth & Women Foundation
Los Angeles, California
United State of America

Dear Colleague,
I hope this mail finds you well, I am so delighted to read your mail and notice your interest to participate in these up coming international conference, as i believe that this will be a grate chance to meet one another after the conference in USA/Africa.

First of all i wish to quickly let you know that the conference organizing committee have accepted your participation request, and your name have been included among the list of other delegates who will represent their countries in these forth-coming international events.

The theme of the forth-coming International Conference is to equip participants with the strategies and policies to wage a global war against HIV/AIDS, Child Abuse, Racism & Human Trafficking among the youth and our young generation.

These events is been Organized and sponsored by the International Youth & Women Foundation (IYWF) with the assistants of other benevolent organizations in the United States of America.
The conference organizing committee in conjunction with the donor sponsoring committee has mapped out some financial rewards to group participants that distinguished themselves in their areas of discipline. Panel of Judges has been appointed to oversee and to select participants on merit.
Our Aims and Objectives are:

- to raise awareness of the current HIV/AIDS situation among the youth all over the world.
- to increase the knowledge of opportunities, challenges and obstacles for combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the world.
- Provide support to people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones, as well as people with a sexual health crisis/problem.
- Provide helpline support to anyone who is worried about or potentially facing a sexual health crisis.
- to establish links of co-operation, peace and unity among the youth all over the countries.
- to carry activities on solving the problems raised in front of the Youth, and also help to fight against racism and child abuse.
- to assist the systematization, proclamation and monitoring of the information, concerning Youth issues in united state and all over the world
- To promote the projects on the development of Youth initiatives etc.

Applicants should send the following information's via e-mail to our Registration Office to enable you obtain your registration forms to include your full names and passport details among the list of other participants.

Registration Desk Office:  OR

1) Names exactly as in passport.
2) Passport Numbers.
3) Date of Birth.
4) Place of Birth.
5) Country of Residence.
6) Direct Contact Number tell/cell.
7) Profession/Sex

We also accept individual registration for those who wishes to participate alone and does not belongs to any organization or group. Participants should be from eighteen (18) years of age or above.
All registered participants are entitled to a free visa arrangements by the International Youth & Women Foundation (IYWF) along with your round trip air tickets, meals and accommodation which will be provided during their stay in the United State of America.

All delegates will be responsible for their own Hotel Booking in Dakar, Senegal during the second phase of the event due to the inability of our partner organizations to mobilize enough funds to sponsor the numbers of expected delegates for these events.

PAPERS PRESENTATION: Delegates are welcome to present papers expressing their points of view on the conference topic to be discuss and  what we can do to prevent HIV/AIDS, Racism, Human Trafficking and Child Abuse. The Conference Organizing Committee in conjunction with the donor sponsoring committee has mapped out some financial rewards to group participants that distinguished themselves in their areas of discipline.

The International Youth & Women Foundation (I.Y.W.F) has appointed panel of Judges to oversea and to select participants for gifts, merit and awards to them during the event for their performances during the conference period in the United States and Dakar,Senegal.

Thanks for your understanding, as i look forward to receive your details to be among the list of registered participants and If you need any further assistance related to this conference, do not hesitate to contact me via E-mail:

Yours Sincerely

Ms. Anjela Williams
Staff Member


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