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Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the organizing committee of The Women and Child's Foundation USA (WACFU USA) I am delighted to welcome you to the international conference on "Women's empowerment/domestic violence against women and children"

THEME OF THE CONFERENCE: carry out functions related to controlling trafficking in girls, prostitution, domestic violence and other offences against women and fighting to advance the health and rights of women and children worldwide.

The conference is scheduled to be held in New York,USA from 19th APRIL – 23rd APRIL 2019 & in Dakar Senegal from 25th APRIL - 29th APRIL 2019.

This conference is for individuals, researchers,health workers, basic scientists,health economists, historians, human rights activists,information technologists,lawyers,midwives,nurses,nutritionists,physicians, politicians, sociologists, social workers,freelancers,governmental and non governmental organization, from all parts of the world. The conference offers participants the opportunity to come together and combat against violence against women and children and to seek modalities for economic empowerment of women.

The WACFU aims to increase awareness and promote research on sexual violence and psychosexual issues, fertility preservation, incontinence, menopause, endometriosis, intervention radiology and fibroid embolization,HIV and AIDS and issues relating to women and children's human rights and its linkages to other forms of violence to influence policy and practice, particularly in low and middle income countries.

NOTE: All interested delegates that requires entry visa to enter the United States to attend this meeting will be assisted by our organization, in obtaining the visa in their passport.

Free round trip air ticket to attend this meeting will be provided to all participants. The Workshop welcomes paper presentation from any interested participants willing to present papers during the summit.

If you are interested in attending and for fast respond please contact the WACFU conference secretariat via email: and as soon as possible.

Please invite your colleague.

We can’t wait to see you in this great event in New York & Dakar Senegal!

Ms.Monica Arenas
Senior Program Specialist,
Social Justice and Legal Programs


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