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Thank you for responding to our invitation to attend the international conference event.

The theme of the conference is to help our society to:

1) Review the progress and challenges towards implementation of the global agenda on healthcare research.
2) Identify and discuss the approaches to strengthen the scientific of economic systems research including concepts, frameworks, measures and methods.
3) Facilitate greater research collaboration and learning communities across disciplines, sectors, initiatives and countries.

The main topics of the event "Sustainable Welfare Development & Economic Growth" related to the issues of economic crisis and healthcare system as it affects our communities and social lives. Your paper presentation should be on the conference topics and theme. We shall award participation certificates to representatives at the end of the event.

You can participate as a group of 2 to 7 persons from your country or organization, you can also participate as individual if you don't have a team to form as a group. Your visa documents processing and air tickets will be cover by our organization. Your registration will be completed immediately we receive your filled application forms, scanned copy of your passport page and your hotel booking receipt.

Your visa documents processing will start immediately we confirm your registration for the conference meeting. We shall forward your application documents to the Visa Authorization Department here in United States to process your visa approval documents before faxing your visa documents to the America embassy in your country of resident. You shall receive appointment date for you to visit the embassy for interview and you will be informed by the embassy the necessary documents to submit for visa application.

The deadline date for you to submit your filled application forms and hotel booking receipt with the scan copy of your passport data page is 20th January 2018, to make it possible for us to complete your registration processing for the event and then forward your application documents for visa approval processing. Below is the recommended hotel email contact for accommodation booking. Please note that you are only responsible for your hotel booking.

Rich Royal Dallas Hotel
Hotel E-mail:

It is an honor to see you participate in this great event and we fully hope to see you at the conference venue.

Please visit our website for more information:

Best Regards,

Dr. Robert Clinton |
| ISWD Secretariat Office |
Texas | USA |

Tel: +1 5126863554


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An increasing number of email scams are using NGOs, International NGOs, development agencies, meetings, international conferences etc as the hook to defraud or cheat unsuspecting recipients. Always use caution when responding to or acting on unsolicited bulk email or paper mail.

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