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Date sent: Dec 2017
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Attn: Social Workers

I am writing this e-mail to you on behalf of United Kingdom Grant Councils is a branch of specialised grant commission of Unesco in UK. Our mission has been to give grants to NGOs and professional bodies that will carry out social work activities in rural areas of people who live below poverty level to overcome poverty. We came to know about the various social welfare activities you have been doing in your community and want to join hands with you to helping and improving the lives of less privileged people out there in time. UKGC takes pleasure to inform you that this agency shall be obliged to grant funds to you to continue your social welfare events and projects that aim at assisting the poorest of the poor — provide shelter to the less privilege people, to expand more NGOs awareness in the rule areas, create jobs to raise poor incomes, work for the welfare of the women, provide health care program by building community health care centres for low income people and schools that will improve standard of illiteracy, build recreational parks and other general social well-being on a sustainable basis.

Therefore, to assist you in promoting welfare activities in your community, we shall work towards sanctioning 4,000,000 Great British Pounds grants to your organization for the mentioned human development projects. We shall welcome your official application and interest in receiving this substantial 4,000,000 Great British Pounds grants to you as social worker, NGOs, professional individuals and other legally interested non-profit institution.

The purpose of this grants to you strictly remains to support the poorest people, to provide community health care centre for low income people, provide clean drinking water and medicine stores for sick and disease affected low income people and strengthen educational institutions, build recreational parks and other social welfare events on sustainable basis in your community with this funds. Kindly reply to this mail with your personal details including phone numbers via email for executive director, Prof. Lincoln Ward to contact you over further proceedings to this grants. The United Kingdom Grant Councils (UKGC) thanks you in anticipation of your favourably application.

Send your details to:


United Kingdom Grant Councils
33 Grosvenor Place London SW1X 7HY
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 871 245 3482
Fax: +44 871 245 3137


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