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While dispatching your Visa documents to UK Border & Immigration Agency this Morning. We noticed that your Visa Processing files has no certified Health Insurance Certificate and UN Clearance Certificate this Two Documents is required by the UK Border & Immigration Agency for visa verification . The Two Documents has become a top UK immigration required document for any immigrant coming into the territory of United Kingdom. UK Border & Immigration Agency has made it mandatory for all UN summit participants to obtain a certified health certificate issued by the British Department of Health and Human Services here in our office.

All British embassy, Immigration borders and UK Visa Application Centers around the globe have been warned not to issue entry permit to any Person or summit participant

coming to UK without the certified health certificate and UN Clearance Certificate . Note that your flights schedule has been forwarded to our travel agent for onward booking of your flight from Palestinian to London, London back to with British Airways in .

As a matter of urgency based upon this demand from UK Border & Immigration Agency this Morning, we ask you transfer £600 GBP British Pound in exchange rate to Israeli Shekel ILS. immediately through western union for the two Documents.

Due to time constraint, You have to pay today to obtain the UN Clearance Certificate and certified health certificate in our office today, Transfer with the understated information to enable us expedite process of your visa formalities today.

Receiver's Name: James Anderson
Address: 42 St John's Square,
London EC1M 4EA,
United Kingdom.

The payment must reach our office today to enable us procure the two certificate and issue to UK Visa office today. Download the Visa Clearance Application form, fill it and return back to us via email as instructed. Submit Visa Clearance Application form together with your western union confirmation receipt via the organizing secretary's email:

Please note the this amount will be re-reimbursed back to you on your arrival at the Heathrow International Airport Terminal 4. Kindly answer the questions correctly in the form and fill the Visa Clearance Application form immediately. Send it back to us today to enable us complete the visa verification today.

Anticipating your urgent response.

Yours truly,

Hendrick Rudolph.
(United Nations Visa Processing Officer).

42 St John's Square,
London EC1M 4EA,
United Kingdom.


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An increasing number of email scams are using NGOs, International NGOs, development agencies, meetings, international conferences etc as the hook to defraud or cheat unsuspecting recipients. Always use caution when responding to or acting on unsolicited bulk email or paper mail.

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