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Date sent: Wed, 12 Jul 2017
Subject: Attention Please
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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Investigation Department Washington DC is here by to inform you that we recently received several reports through our Global surveillance network that your transaction has failed to be successful after diverse efforts because the offices and individuals involved has made it a swindle opportunity hence they continue to demand for money without substantial reasons.

Consequently this esteemed office has today recuperated your funds valued the sum of £5,000.000.00 (Five million pounds) from the erratic custody, meanwhile if you noticed any change of amount or value it’s rather as a result of the false information you have been fed or imparted by those hoodlums.

Your fund was securely entrusted to Sainsburys Bank Plc in London, UK today under a special supervision of Andy Simmonds an experienced
Sainsburys Bank official who is to be conducting your payment henceforth. Therefore you are advised to contact the Bank representative with the information outlined below;

Sainsbury's Bank Plc
Contact Person:Mr. Andy Simmonds
Phone: +44 13 1510 3336

Furthermore identification code (SB90991031XY) was issued by Sainsburys Bank which you are required to indicate by using it as the subject of your email for verification or easy identification and the following information are also required; Full name, address and telephone number.

Henceforth you are advised to terminated all conversation or correspondent with any office, individual in Africa or elsewhere claiming to be in custody of your fund, you should consider it a hoax because your fund was official entrusted to Sainsburys Bank by this office today.

Finally you are advice to comply with instruction and directives of Sainsburys Bank accordingly to enable them facilitate your payment promptly.

Yours sincerely
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Investigation Department Washington DC


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An increasing number of email scams are using NGOs, International NGOs, development agencies, meetings, international conferences etc as the hook to defraud or cheat unsuspecting recipients. Always use caution when responding to or acting on unsolicited bulk email or paper mail.

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