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Farobeach hotel de saloum Ltd

farobeach-hotel S.G LTd
Rout de la auto medina
A24 medina diop Dakar Senegal
Tel: +221-773-505-194
Fax: 221-330-542-797

Dear Client

Farobeachotel Saloum Ltd Sg - Dakar Senegal, We are welcoming you to our country on this special event in respect to the content of your mail. We will like you to understand that we are working according to the instruction given to us by the America Organization and our country Government. The International Conference On War affecting children and HIV/AIDS infection taking place here in our country Senegal, we still have few rooms.

Thanks for patronizing our service. We wish to inform you that below are the available rooms and official rates for the international participants. All rates are in dollar and in our local currency which is (CFA) You are to make four ( 4 days ) reservation according to the instruction of the organization from the date of arrival to the end .

Rate Per Night Including 3 times daily meals and transport avenu
SINGLE ROOM 75 dollar per night(45.000 CFA) for 1 PERSON
DOUBLE SUIT 120.00 dollar per night(72.000 CFA) for 2 PERSON
FAMILY SIZE 250 dollar per night(150.000 CFA) for 5 PERSON

The above rooms have modern facilities like 24 hours free international Telephone call, Internet lapTop, Standby Car to take you to the conference avenue and also bring you back at the end of each day. There are swimming pools and sports facilities in which your payment covers the use of all these facilities but damage of any facilities will be reimburses by the client.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: We are sorry that our management doesn't accept the payment of credit card and bank transfer account since last week ego because of the delay in transferring payment from outside countries your payment might get to us very late. bank account transfer payment from another country to our country takes between 10 to 14 working days. We advise all our clients to make his/her payment reservation through the use of Rapid transfer banks method such as Bank ECO BANK RAPID TRANSFER OR UBA RAPID TRANSFER, Money -gram Rapid transfer ,Western union Rapid transfer, Ria Rapid transfer, for quick receiver and to reach you with our hotel reservation certificate from our hotel in time and to avoid delay.

Point of note: No reservation is successfully made without payment of the hotel amount. direct your booking payment to our hotel assistant accountant and send us the payment information that we will use to cash the payment in our country. On receipt of your payment we shall forward to you when forwarding your HOTEL RESERVATION CONFIRMATION LETTER CERTIFICATE to you and USA organization.

REFUND POLICY: By virtue of section 3BA of our agency/representative payment Act/agreement with organizers of U.S donors INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. sub-section 7sF, stated that payment will be refunded to any organization, group or participant for one reason or the other not to attend the conference but participants have to be aware of the transfer charges by the bank and a one night charge will be removed from his/her payment .

"Barrister leo Avan Leo Avan"

Your file arrived in my office lately where you are signal to make your refundable deposit guarantee measure which is in the last event in African hotel where your hotel reservation is booked already, you are to crosscheck with the contact of the African hotel where you made your hotel reservation and make your refundable deposit guarantee measure with them as that will guarantee your final returning to attend the last event.
let the receipt of your refundable deposit be forwarded to my department by the hotel today after you have make the refundable deposit in their custody for the final endorsement of your visa file to U.S embassy. update the secretary about the formalities which you have received from my office.

From the desk of Barrister George Leo Avan
U.S department of visa section

Our hotel has receive the information of the refunded deposit notice from our Senegalese government and above office in USA and our government has ordered the participant deposit to be kept in one of the government bank in this country and will be withdrawal on the day of participant arrival in our hotel. the refundable deposit payment should be made with the following informations below as been approved by the Senegal government in our hotel after their visitation notice.
Last Name== ARMEL RUDY
Refundable deposit amount == 1,000 dollar which is 650.000 cfa in our country local currency CFA

Farobeach Hotel
management Board
Demba bua Mohamed

Friend note that you will present a speech to U.S independent donors during my presentation as one of U.S selected contestant concerning the eradicate terrorism in the world, the fight against the HIV/AIDS and Ebola, finally the Child Abuse and the national economic integration,
which i believe your average intelligence should be able to perform well and abide in the law guiding the participants as well as you're ready to meet with U.S top official contingent and lucrative members which i 'll introduce you in united state during my presentation as one of U.S selected contestant. Oh yeah i am in my twenties but have to run now.

This is miss jenny lindsay calling from united states of America' cordial wish to extend our forth-coming UN International Conference meeting on Global Crisis and Social Welfare conferences which comes up in united states new york and Africa Senegal. my invitation goes to the interested participant who really want to attend the event together with me here in united states new york. So as a member of the global youths in United states and one of the U.S selected contestant' am inviting you for a Conference that will take place firstly here in United states and Africa Senegal.

got your contact through the directory yellow page of your country and i came across your contact address though it might be strange but understand that Internet is like a global connective symbol of the world as neither race, sex, age, nationality nor religion will any longer posse a barrier to male/female relationships despite our different cultural values which i might really like to have you as a friend or pen pal if that's better for you in the up coming UN youths & adults globalization Conference in United states and Africa,

and it's urgent to raise awareness to the fact that justice must be rendered within a legal framework and that surveys should be conducted to determine the culprits and terrorism act which is deadly of these days. All these things motivated the UN youths & adults in United states to Organize a seminars that will educate people more on these issues mostly on the deadly diseases like Ebola, HIV, secondly to reduce violence like war, unemployment /Economic crises, civil war and terrorist act which has been a canker-worm that is eating almost the world at large.

So if you're willing to attend these conferences together with me here in United state and Africa Senegal do not hesitate to write me back immediately to enable me give you the contact link of the organization in order for you to apply for registration. you don't need any invitation letter for Visa approval if the organization will accept your attendance and my approval recommendation. Oh' yeah it's not an obligation but only if it pleases you to attend or participate however it's totally your choice. always contact me if necessary. gat to go now as i hope to hear from you soon good bye


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