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From: Nevilla Royal Hotel
Date: Dec 2016

Dear Guest,

You are highly welcome to Nevilla Royal Hotel. In respect to your request of reservation booking with us, we wish to inform you that rooms are available for guest making hotel booking with us. The hotel charges listed below covers your meals, transportation from the airport to our hotel and with every other needed hospitality for the period of your staying in our hotel.

Nevilla Royal Hotel has a lot of facilities which are Swimming Pool, Lawn and Table Tennis, Billiards, Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam and a multi - Gym. We serve the choicest of Vegetarian Indian, Chinese and Continental Asian, Europe, Africa and America foods.
The available rooms and the official rates are for guest making hotel reservation booking with us for the international conference meeting here in Texas United States. All rates are in U.S Dollars including feeding and transportation.

1) Single Bed Room (1) Person per Night:
Cheapest - Single Bed Rooms 1 bed for 1 Person a Night - 75 U.S Dollars
Single Bed Rooms 1 bed for 1 Person a Night - 90 U.S Dollars
Standard - Single Bed Room 1 bed for 1 Person a Night - 110 U.S Dollars
New Standard - Single Bed Room 1 bed for 1 Person a Night - 125 U.S Dollars
Superior - Single Bed Room 1 bed for 1 Person a Night - 135 U.S Dollars
2) Double Bed Room (2) Persons per Night:
Cheapest - Double Bed Room 2 beds for 2 Persons a Night - 140 U.S Dollars
Standard - Double Bed Room 2 beds for 2 Persons a Night - 185 U.S Dollars
New Standard - Double Bed Room 2 beds for 2 Person a Night - 195 U.S Dollars
Triple Bed Room 3 beds for 3 Persons a Night - 250 U.S Dollars
3) Triple Bed Room (3-4) Persons per Night:
Cheapest - Triple Bed Room 3 beds for 3 Persons a Night - 210 U.S Dollars
Superior - Triple Bed Room 3 beds for 3 Persons a Night - 280 U.S Dollars
Superior Standard - Triple Bed Room 4 beds for 4 Persons a Night - 315 U.S Dollars
Superior - Quadruple Bed Room 5 beds for 5 Persons a Night - 395 U.S Dollars
Payment Method
You are to pay for your room reservation charge through Money Gram Transfer with the following information below for immediate confirmation. Payment must be received by the Hotel Management before official booking confirmation receipt will be issued to you. Kindly provide us with your payment information and send scan copy of payment for confirmation. This is to enable us issue your proof of accommodation booking receipt immediately.
Note: You are to inform us the type of room you are booking with us along with payment and the below information details to enable us issued you our hotel reservation booking receipt, immediately we receive the scan copy of your payment receipt.
* Guest Full Names -
* Date of Checking in -
* Date of Checking out -
* Country of Resident -
* Phone Number -
* Email Address -
* Room Type -
In this case we are having flood of booking that is why we request you inform us the type of room you need immediately and confirm your payment for room booking to fully secure your reservation and send you the booking receipt immediately. You are required to proceed to any bank in your country location area to complete your payment for your room reservation to be confirmed instantly and the official booking receipt will be issued to you.

1) Hotel Accountant (Receivers Name): Lisa B. Rice
2) Country: USA
3) State: Texas

1) Hotel Accountant (Receivers Name): Tony Mark
2) Country: USA
3) State: Texas

Hotel policies
These are general hotel policies. As they may vary per room type; please also check the room description.
Cancellation and Refundable Policy
1) If you cancel within 24 hours of your check-in, you will pay only for one night stay in our hotel.
2) Any group or organization wishing to cancel their reservation after payment of the hotel booking may request for refund in writing to the hotel management.
3) If you don't show up at the hotel, the entire booking amount will be refunded back to you after the deduction of the bank transfer charges by western union or money gram transfer.
Please note that we only issue out hotel booking confirmation receipt to guest, when we receive payment from guests.
· Pets are not allowed.
Guarantee & Refund Policy
· Reservations are not confirmed until booking payment is received. Complete payment for room bookings must be made before confirmation. Due to our past experiences we can no more accept Credit and Debit Cards Payment. Refunds are made within 48 hours of cancellation.
· Note that payment covers meals, transportation, and tax during your stay in our hotel for 6 nights.
Thanks for your patronage and we hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Sincerely,
Marco Fernandez.
Nevilla Royal Hotel Management
Telephone: +1 (469) 250-5815


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