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Fraud Item: 7th International NGO/CBO Training Workshop

Fraudulent message

[undated late 2009]

Dear Applicant,

We acknowledged the receipt of your message reply regarding your organization invitation to take part in the 7th International NGO/CBO Training Workshop and we advice you from our desk that the Foundation has Its Network Edith Travis AIDS Foundation - Africa in Togo (West Africa) which is our corresponding liaison branch office.

NB: For African, Caribbean, Pacific, Asian and any other Organizations out of United States of America, the registration fees payment should be done with our regional office in Togo-West Africa not upon arrival in California thanks for your well understanding.

We hereby confirm your organization selection in order to take part in the 7th International NGO/CBO Training Workshop as delegate of your country. You are now required to complete your registration for participation in International NGO/CBO Training Workshop.

In order to be considered for acceptance, International Applicants should register in accordance with the Edith Travis AIDS Foundation regulations by sending the required completed International Registration Form and the Slip of the registration fees payment directly to our head office in California by fax: +1-419-828-2087 as soon as you acknowledged the receipt of this message or at least on the date of 18th November 2009.

NB: The human resources department of our honourable Foundation will do the necessary formalities required with the immigration service here in California in order to obtain the immigration authorization which will allow you to secure Visa for your delegation with the US accredited embassy in your country. Your delegation flight tickets, meals and refreshments, accommodation duration the entire summit are taken on charge by Edith Travis AIDS Foundation, Randolph Foundation, American Trust Bank, American Social Affairs, Allegheny Foundation, Brady Education Foundation and Rodney Fund. Therefore, you are required to pay the registration fees only (US$ 275 per Member).


The registration fees should be sent by Western Union Funds Transfer System as follows:

Send in the name and address of:
Network for Edith Travis AIDS Foundation - Africa
Dr. Benson Davis
Regional Director,
Edith Travis AIDS Foundation
BP 1027 Mango
27, Avenue de la Cathédrale
Phone: +2287517788
Republic of Togo (West Africa)

The Western Union Funds Transfer control number and all passwords and test questions/answers should be sent via email to the regional director on:, while copies of the Western Union transaction slips, and the filled registration form should be faxed directly to the summit secretariat for follow-up, fax number: +1-419-828-2087 as soon as you acknowledged the receipt of this message or at least on the date of 18th November 2009.

NB: We recommend you to call our Regional Bureau in Togo (West Africa) as soon as you acknowledged the receipt of this message for any further information.
For your own convenience, we recommend that one representative of the nominated Research Institute / NGO/CBO sends the registration funds for the four participants other than each participant sending his/her registration fees individually.

Looking forward to meeting you at the summit.

Best regards,
Mrs. Janet Freeman
In charge of Institute and Organization out of USA
Summit Chair
International Research Institute / NGO/CBO Summit


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