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subject: you are invited in our 23rd ngo international conference
date sent: tue, 17 nov 2009 03:19:39 -0500
from: elite foundation

elite foundation international conference
10b canada square, london hp1 8hfd, england,
united kingdom.

present to you the 23rd ngo international conference "engaging government and ngo's on public health" royal garden hotel, london-uk from 14th to 23rd december, 2009.
this is a call to participate in a national multi-sectoral conference bringing together leading figures and various non governmental organizations (ngos) from public health to discuss and debate the issues around social determinants of health.

this is an opportunity to learn more about the social factors that can lead to ill health and inequalities. hear from experts in the uk and internationally about the underlying causes that can lead to health problems. the determinants include unemployment, unsafe workplaces, urban slums, globalization and lack of access to health systems.

the conference will provide an opportunity for participants to share insights and experiences and to network with other colleagues from voluntary sectors, health, education, local authorities and other areas. it is also an opportunity to get a direct access to loans and grants.

keynote speaker, professor sir michael marmot, chairman of the world health organization commission on the social determinants of health. other speakers include: dr. fiona adshead, deputy chief medical officer of england and director of health improvement.

proposed interactive sessions.

* child development
* employment
* priority public health issues
*social exclusion
*women and gender equality.

side attractions:

* book launching
* artistic and cultural activities
* exhibitions and grants approvals.
* banquets, coffee break services.
* opportunities for informal networking and alliance building.

all planarians and selected breakout sessions will have interpretation in english, spanish, portugal and french.

registration/participation fee is free hence the delegates possess the requirements.

who can participate?

members of ngos, health practitioners, professionals in relevant fields, lawyers, psychologists, women and youth development groups, government officials, donor agencies, distinguished theologians, scholars and academics, ecumenists, members of peace and reconciliation groups and prospective individuals.

i can't afford the cost - can you help? the elite foundation and its co- sponsors have set up an access fund to support the travel costs (international travel and local transportation cost) for all qualified participants.


all intending participants are required to book for accommodation/reservation strictly in the conference host ground-royal garden hotel, which qualifies you for participation.
at this point we are provisioning for nearly 250 participants so all other provisions like travel tickets, local transportation, banquet, all meals and coffee break services, will be taken care of by the foundation.

contact the organizing committee with below contact information for application form immediately.
george gibson,
tel: +44 70457 57208

nb. prospective organization, firm or group must not exceeded 1-3 participants.

visas and letters of invitation:

special arrangements have been made, the workshop organizers will arrange for letters of invitation to be sent to appropriate embassy officials as soon as we receive a proof/ confirmation of hotel reservation/ booking via email.

presentation proposal:

if you wish to present a paper at the conference, you should submit a single-spaced one page presentation abstract, curriculum vitae (less than 4 pages), and presentation application form, which will be sent on request.

organization committee


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