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title:Response to criticism of UIA's approach in demonstrating support

Particular criticism of the UIA approach in demonstrating support relates to the information it presented in a chart in the UIA proposal (included below) and an appendix [Appendix D] presented as a sampling of international non-profit organizations that regularly update their profile in the UIA Yearbook of International Organizations.


title:UIA enabling strategy: evolution not revolution

The .org TLD is on the one hand highly successful, with its registrant base of 2.6 million and a fourth position worldwide. On the other hand it has not yet succeeded in establishing for itself the unique profile that would enable it to both gain long-term registrant loyalty and enter into constructive dialogue regarding the potential for and viability of services specifically for civil society in its broadest sense.


title:Responsiveness of the UIA to the interests of the nonprofit community

A variety of indicators can be presented in evidence of UIA responsiveness to the interests and concerns of different constituencies in the non-commercial community over the past decades.

Statutory obligation

The UIA statutes (last modified in 1986, following transformation into an institute in 1953) specify its aims to be:


title:A century of organizational learning

The UIA has survived in a country overrun by two World Wars, and the following period in which international documentation was subject to considerable Cold War pressures applied through intergovernmental institutions to distort the realities with which individual organizations had to deal. Although the UIA does not associate itself with advocacy on particular concerns, in accordance with its documentalist culture, it exhibited strong resistance to efforts to curtail or misrepresent information from any sector throughout that period.



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