September 2022


UIA Statistics Report and The Pandemic in 2021 – signs of the new normal in the midst of turmoil

By Joel Fischer, UIA Statistics Coordinator

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Take part in the UIA Survey on International Meeting Issues – 2022 (continued COVID 19 Impact on International Association Meetings)

Impact on meetings behavior. The Union of International Associations (UIA) invites you to participate in its special COVID 19 Impact Survey.

The COVID 19 pandemic has a tremendous impact on the global travel and meetings industry and on the meetings behaviour of international associations. The UIA Survey on International Meeting Issues – 2022 - (continued COVID 19 Impact on International Association Meetings) will continue to explore the changed approach of associations, when planning and organizing their international events. The Survey has 19 questions, 15 of these with multiple choice answers, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. You will be able to choose the language of the Survey: English, French or Spanish.

All participants will receive a PDF of the final report.

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For the UIA Survey 2022 and the Report the UIA is being supported by its sponsors: Seoul Tourism Organization and Kraków Convention Bureau.

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UIA Round Tables: Sign Up for Outreach, Mutual Learning, and More!

Education and Networking. The UIA Association Round Tables promote, facilitate and enable expanded dynamism in the work of international associations. In each of their varied and attractive locations, the Round Tables focus on structured training, educational and networking opportunities. They are famous for opening up the mind and the senses to local cultural events; they invariably provide outstanding food and beverage experiences.

The Round Tables bring association participants into friendly and productive contact with Convention Bureaux and with leaders of significant international institutions.

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16th UIA Associations Round Table Europe in Rotterdam
24 & 25 November 2022, Rotterdam, Netherlands at Postillion Convention Center Rotterdam – WTC

Questions about the Round Tables, or about joining us as a partner?

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Short-term access to the Yearbook of International Organizations Online

Civil society tool. UIA offers 30 and 90 Day access options to its associations database Yearbook of International Organizations Online. The database includes detailed descriptions of c. 75,000 international organizations worldwide, c. 42,000 of which are active. Coverage includes intergovernmental (IGOs) and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). Organization profiles are cross-referenced to show detailed relationships between organizations. Multiple search criteria are offered: for example, searches by the city or country of the organization’s headquarters, by subject or by event destinations can be carried out.

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The Short and Winding Road to 2030: Measuring Distance to the SDG Targets

OECD report. The 2030 Agenda sets out ambitious goals for people, the planet and prosperity. How far have OECD countries travelled to reach the SDGs? How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted countries’ progress? And how much is the assessment of where OECD countries stand being affected by what we currently do not know? The OECD report The Short and Winding Road to 2030: Measuring Distance to the SDG Targets aims to help member countries evaluate where they currently stand with regard to the SDGs, to assess the direction and pace of their recent trajectory, and to identify areas where additional effort is needed. It also sets out the statistical agenda ahead – showing how much we do not yet know and how this might affect both the achievement of the SDGs and decisions about what to prioritise across this vast agenda.

“We need to be more deliberate on the investment front”

Interview with Munyaradzi Jani, Executive Director RenewAfrica.Biz

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Why Cape Town?

By Korne Koch, Head Convention Bureau WESGRO

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Spotlight on associations

International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH)

Asian Rural Women’s Coalition (ARWC)

The Global Rewilding Alliance

Convention Highlights

12th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research - ICCPR 2022
19-22 September 2022, Antwerp, Belgium

32nd World Congress of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)
21-23 September 2022, SIngapore

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According to the UIA’s International Meetings Statistics Report, a recorded 6,473 international organization meetings took place in 2021. This report is extracted from the Union of International Associations (UIA) database, which is the source of UIA’s flagship publications: the International Congress Calendar and the Yearbook of International Organizations. At the time of producing this edition there were 523,764 meetings in the UIA meetings database of which 485,157 meet the criteria for inclusion in this report. Of these 485,157 meetings 473,937 took place in 2020 or earlier, 6,473 took place in 2021, and 4,747 are scheduled for 2022 or later. Some events take place in more than one city and are counted in this report for each city separately.
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