July 2021


Strategic Plans – A Roadmap to Success

By Belinda Moore, Strategic Membership Solutions

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Short-term access to the Yearbook of International Organizations Online

New subscription options. UIA offers 30 and 90 Day access options to its associations database Yearbook of International Organizations Online. The database includes detailed descriptions of c. 73,000 international organizations worldwide, c. 41,000 of which are active. Coverage includes intergovernmental (IGOs) and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs).
Organization profiles are cross-referenced to show detailed relationships between organizations. Multiple search criteria as, for example, by headquarter city or country, by subject, by event destinations are offered.

For more information see: https://uia.org/yearbook/shortterm or contact Clara Fernández López: clara@uia.org

Invitation. Take part in the UIA Survey 2021 – COVID 19 Impact on International Association Meetings behaviour

Meetings behaviour. The Union of International Associations (UIA) invites you to participate in its extraordinary COVID 19 Impact Survey.

The COVID 19 pandemic has a tremendous impact on the global travel and meetings industry and on the meetings behaviour of international associations. This special UIA Survey 2021 - COVID 19 Impact on International Association Meetings explores the impact of the pandemic and the consequences for the future of association events.

The Survey has 19 questions, 15 of these with multiple choice answers, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. You will be able to choose the language of the Survey: English, French or Spanish.

The Report will be released on 18 November 2021 at the annual UIA Associate Members Meeting in Prague and be freely available to the public on the UIA’s website.

All participants will receive a PDF of the final report.

For more information on this project please visit https://uia.org/publications/meetings-survey

For the UIA Survey 2021 and the Report the UIA is being supported by its sponsors Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Seoul Tourism Organization, Polish Tourism Organisation - Poland Convention Bureau and VisitBritain.

For more information, please contact Clara Fernández López: clara@uia.org

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UIA Round Tables: Sign Up For Outreach, Mutual Learning, and More!

Registration open now! The UIA Association Round Tables promote, facilitate and enable expanded dynamism in the work of international associations. In each of their varied and attractive locations, the Round Tables focus on structured training, educational and networking opportunities. They are famous for opening up the mind and the senses to local cultural events; they invariably provide outstanding food and beverage experiences.

The Round Tables bring association participants into friendly and productive contact with Convention Bureaux and with leaders of significant international institutions.

The UIA is delighted to invite you to:

Questions about the Round Tables, or about joining us as a partner?

We are happy to hear from you!

Clara Fernández López: clara@uia.org

UIA Info sheets

New! The UIA is delighted to present its newest info sheets. The PDFs below provide introductory information about a range of UIA's projects, approaches and structure.

• The UIA at a Glance
• Championing International Co-operation since 1907 (What We Do)
• With us, it is all about participation (Structure and Funding)
• The largest data repository on international organizations (Global Civil Society Database)
• Access to the world of international organizations (Yearbook)
• Data on events – past, present and future (Calendar)
• Gathering the facts on international meetings (Statistics Report)
• What counts when organizing international meetings (Meetings Survey)
• Shared problems, shared values, shared strategies (Encyclopedia)
• Learn, share, connect (Round Tables)
• Research for a better world (Purpose and Objectives)
• Stronger together (Associate Membership)
• Efficiently addressing organizations across the globe (Marketing Opportunities)

Info sheets can be downloaded individually, or you can download the complete set: https://uia.org/identity/infosheets/

Why Seoul?

By Dohwi Kwak, Assistant Director of MICE Supporting Team at the Seoul Convention Bureau

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"We had to focus on priorities"

Interview with Jiwon Song, Chairperson of the Reception Committee of the 66th IPSF World Congress

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Convention Highlights – going virtual!

Latin American Regional Conference of the International Society for Music Education (ISME)
3 - 6 August 2021, Cancun, Mexico

Triennial Congress of the Nordic Political Science Association (NOPSA)
10 - 13 August 2021, Reykjavik (Iceland)

Spotlight on associations

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)

International Association for Women's Mental Health (IAWMH)

European Association for Data and Cloud (Gaia-X)

Number of the month

The Union of International Associations (UIA) releases its 62nd International Meetings Statistics Report.

The Report provides two views of a sector now facing multiple challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic: data for meetings in the year 2019 are presented in-full, the “last good year” before the crisis, in addition to an analysis of what took place in 2020.

This 62nd Report takes 471,800 meetings into account, organized in 256 countries, in 11,647 cities, by 27,465 international organizations.

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