7 March 2017
Upcoming International Congresses
Europe21st SIETAR Europa Congress, 22-27/05/17, Dublin +++ 14th Conference of the International Toy Library Association, 10-13/05/17, Leiden +++ 85th Congress of the European Atherosclerosis Society, 23-26/04/17, Prague
Asia12th Biennial Congress of the International Gastric Cancer Association, 20-23/04/17, Beijing +++ 19th Commonwealth Forestry Conference of the Commonwealth Forestry Association, 03-07/04/017, Dehradun +++ 8th World Convention of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation, 27-30/04/17, Saitama
America16th Congress of the International Federation for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy, 04-07/04/17, Orlando FL +++ 6th Congress on ADHD of the World Federation of ADHD, 20-23/04/17, Vancouver +++ 12th International Congress of Dermatology of the International Society of Dermatology, 18-22/04/17, Buenos Aires
Africa4th Congress of the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa, 23-26/04/17, Cape Town +++ 12th Africa Continental Meeting of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology, 05-07/04/17, Marrakesh +++ 14th Annual AVCA Conference of the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, 03-07/04/17, Abidjan
Pacific27th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, 06-09/04/17, Auckland +++ 14th World Conference on Rural Health, 29/04-02/05/17, Cairns +++ 15th World Congress on Public Health of the World Federation of Public Health Associations, 03-07/04/17, Melbourne
European Association Summit 2017 in Brussels
Enrolment for the European Association Summit (EAS) , which will be held in Brussels on 30 and 31 May 2017 at SQUARE (Brussels Meeting Centre), is now open

For the fifth consecutive year, visit.brussels is organising the European Association Summit (EAS) in Brussels. It has become a key event for information exchange, knowledge sharing and networking between international associations. This year, the programme is spread over two days in total and the content enhanced with the addition of new topics...

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Lisbon Financial Program

Lisbon. The Lisbon Tourism Development Fund offers financial support for securing and hosting conferences and corporate and associative events in Lisbon. This programme supplements the national Support Programme for the Securing and Hosting of Conferences and Corporate and Associative Events, which is run by the PortugueseTourism Board.

http: //w w w. visitlisboa. com

Save the date for OECD Forum 2017

Valuable. Join the OECD Forum, 6-7 June 2017, Paris (France). This public event has emerged as a major international conference where policies and ideas are shared between governments, business, civil society and academia.

http: //w w w. oecd. org/forum/

Association Day

Frankfurt. IMEX Association Day on 15 May 2017 is an afternoon of tailored education exclusively for association professionals. The programme has been redesigned and will feature a new Association Management Stream, covering topics such as understanding why members leave and how to persuade them to stay. There will also be two Meetings & Events Streams, discussing issues such as how to maximise member participation at your events.
Open data

Free service. The Open Yearbook is a free service of UIA's subscription-based

Yearbook of International Organizations (YBIO).

It includes profiles of non-profit organizations working worldwide in all fields of activity.

w w w. uia. org/projects/open-yearbook
Why Sydney?
... Martin Boyle, Director Europe, Business Events Sydney, tells us

Did you know?

+ Sydney is multicultural. New South Wales' 7.5 million people are highly educated and multilingual.

+ Sydney is home to more than 200 spoken languages and a large population of overseas-born residents.

+ Sydney has been voted the world’s friendliest city and the sixth safest city in the world.

+ Knowledge has become an essential economic driver, with innovation the new battleground. As economies around the world jostle for advantage in key areas of competitive strength, Sydney is looking to its local smarts and shining a light on the sectors that will have the most to contribute to both our local and global future prosperity...

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Thailand Connect
Centres are vehicles for global interface and knowledge transfer

Geoff Donaghy, President of AIPC (International Association of Convention Centres)

On 2 July you will kick off the AIPC Annual Conference in Sydney. Is there a specific theme?
Our theme this year is “Reinvention” which is a process that centres, as with so many other businesses today, are discovering is a continuous process. That theme will not only address centre-specific issues but also areas with which centres interface like hotels and suppliers as well as evolving global issues that are impacting future centre business prospects.

Is your conference also of social and cultural resonance?
We believe that centres are above all vehicles for global interface ...

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Madrid CB
Important conferences
European Association Summit 201730-31/05/2017 BrusselsMore
UIA 5th Round Table Asia-Pacific21-22/09/2017 Chiang Mai, ThailandMore

Important shows
IT&CM China21-23/03/2017 ShanghaiMore
IBTM Africa20/04/2017 Cape TownMore

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Europe. From Erasmus to Erasmus+, a story of 30 years: What started as a student mobility programme in 1987, has grown into something bigger and enriched the lives of more than 9 million direct participants. European Erasmus programmes celebrate their 30th anniversary.
New associations
Círculo Internacional de Directores de Hotel (CIDH)
w w w. cidh. es
Global Coffee Platform (GCP)
w w w. globalcoffeeplatform. org
Energy Peat Europe
w w w. energypeat. eu
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