4 September 2018
Upcoming International Congresses
Europe44th Congress of the European Society of Lymphology, 21-22/09/2018, Prague +++ 20th Annual Congress of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association, 27-29/09/2018, Aarhus +++ 5th International Congress on Borderline Personality Disorder and Allied Disorders of the European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders, 27-29/09/2018, Sitges
Asia19th International Congress of Neuropathology of the International Society of Neuropathology, 23-27/09/2018, Tokyo +++ 14th Congress of the Asian-Pacific Society of Hypertension, 20-23/09/2018, Beijing +++ 20th Congress of the Federation of Asia-Oceania Perinatal Societies, 23-26/09/2018, Manila
America18th World Congress of the World Psychiatric Association, 27-30/09/2018, Mexico City +++ 19th Congress of the Latin American Federation of Sexology and Sexual Education Societies, 26-29/09/2018, Buenos Aires +++ 12th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics, 30/09-03/10/2018, Winnipeg MB
Africa8th African Nutritional Epidemiology Conference of the African Nutrition Society, 01-05/10/2018, Addis Ababa +++ 2nd International Congress of Optometry of the Eastern Mediterranean Council of Optometry, 21-22/09/2018, Marrakech +++ 56th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa, 25-27/09/2018, Somerset West
Pacific28th Australasian HIV and AIDS Conference of the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine, 24-26/09/2018, Sydney +++ 22nd International Conference on Cancer Nursing of the International Society for Nurses in Cancer Care, 23-26/09/2018, Auckland +++ 25th Biennial Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering, 06-11/10/2018, Brisbane
Typhaine Beauperin
Training at Solvay, ULB, in the Executive Master in International Association Management: A Valuable Experience
By Typhaine Beaupérin, Chief Executive Officer of FERMA

Typhaine Beaupérin participated in 2018 in the fourth edition of the Executive Master in International Association Management, a course which is unique in Europe, designed for senior staff of associations wishing to further their training. We met Typhaine and questioned her about this Master course, which she found highly valuable.

1. What motivated you to apply for the Executive Master?

I joined FERMA, the Federation of European Risk Management Associations, as its Chief Executive Officer two-and-a-half years ago. We embarked on a strategic reflection exercise which led to many changes in the Federation. The environment is changing fast, and to go further and deeper on the path to modernization of the association, I followed the Executive Master in International Association Management of the Solvay Brussels School ...

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Save The Date – IAPCO Edge Seminar 2019

Educational opportunity. The first IAPCO EDGE Seminar 2019 will take place in The Hague (Netherlands) from 23-25 January 2019.

Organised three times per year by selected IAPCO member partners in different regions worldwide, an IAPCO EDGE Seminar embraces all sectors of the Meetings Industry, such as PCOs and Meeting Planners, (Inter)national Associations, Convention Bureaus, Conference Venues, Exhibition Managers, Pharma and Medical Device Companies, DMCs, AMCs and Travel Agencies.

For more information, please contact the IAPCO Edge Secretariat.

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UIA Launches 2018 Survey On Meetings Of Intl. Associations

Meetings behavior. The Union of International Associations (UIA) has invited 25,000 international associations to participate in its seventh edition of the Survey on International Meetings Issues to uncover how they organize meetings and conferences. The results will be announced at the Annual Associate Members Meeting / UIA Associations Round Table Europe in Lyon on 15 Nov and published on UIA's website.

The UIA conducts the survey every three years. It is the largest survey looking into the meetings behavior of international associations representing civic, charitable, commercial, or industrial interests around the world. By conducting the survey on a regular basis, those involved in organizing international meetings can get a sense of changes as well as challenges of the current environment. For the 2018 Survey, the UIA is supported by its sponsors Seoul Tourism Organization, the Monaco Convention Bureau and the Singapore Tourism Board.
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WESTM 2018 – 24-25 Oct, Belgrade, Serbia

MICE & Technology. Discover the new MICE destinations in Europe - Each year, there are more and more rising stars among destinations in South-East Europe. Meet the regional MICE industry stakeholders at 5th WESTM 2018 MICE Exhibition & Conference (24-25 October 2018) in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and discover new and fresh destinations in Europe for your next event. Enjoy Belgrade and Serbian hospitality, meet just the right people at one-to-one meetings, and be part of an international conference with special focus on MICE industry and technology use.

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Women’s Human Rights Summit

Lisbon. Within the framework of the XXIII Congress of the International Federation of Women of Legal Careers - FIFCJ, the Women’s Human Rights Summit will be held from 20 to 22 November 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal) with the aim of discussing and analyzing the Human Rights of women from a feminist legal perspective in order to make proposals and recommendations for their defence and promotion.

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Why Hamburg?
By Heike Mahmoud, Chief Operating Officer, CCH – Congress Center Hamburg

Did you know, that…?

... Hamburg celebrates the world’s biggest port festival, the HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY, on the second weekend in May every year? Organized by Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, the 3 to 4-day festival presents a program featuring roughly 200 individual events on water and on land. All that with routine port operations going on. Wouldn't that be a great idea for an extended fun weekend after an association meeting at the CCH?

... Germany's northernmost vineyard, from which 50 to 100 bottles of red and white wine are produced every year, is situated next to the port of Hamburg? It is owned by the Parliament of the State of Hamburg, called "Hamburgische Bürgerschaft". The wine is not for sale and is only presented to official state visitors as a gift ...

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'A Dynamic, Vital Force All Over the Planet'

Giles Dickson, CEO,

On 25 September, you are going to kick off the Global Wind Summit 2018. What are the main goals and outcomes you hope to achieve with the summit?

The Global Wind Summit is the biggest and most important event on the global wind energy calendar. Starting out as a niche European industry, the wind sector is now a dynamic, vital force all over the planet – creating jobs, transforming economies, and actively decarbonising the world’s energy mix. At the Summit we aim to build on the achievements of our industry and set the agenda for transforming the global energy mix by breaking new ground in the years ahead ...

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ILTM North America24-27/09/18 Riviera MayaMore

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