Inventing the future 
Dr. Irina Verenikina, Chair of the ISCAR 2014 Organising Committee
The main theme for your upcoming international Congress ISCAR 2014 is “Inventing the future: Transformative research, imagination and collective action for social change”. Why?
The main theme of our Congress is in tune with the ongoing theme of ISCAR activity and research - the study of social and cultural practices and their transformation and development. Specifically, the social and cultural practices are conceptualised as historically and collectively developed thus emphasising our responsibilities for the future.
How can ISCAR and its triennial international Congress help to achieve social change?
Researchers who are part of ISCAR society are concerned with transformative research which studies the optimal conditions for improvement of social practices in the workplace, arts, education and commerce. The congress brings together the researchers to exchange ideas and participate in scholarly debates which helps us move forward together.
Why did you choose Sydney as destination after Rome, Italy (2011), La Jolla, USA (2008) and Seville, Spain (2005)?
This year we aspire to bring the major event of ISCAR, the Congress, to the southern hemisphere. The vision is to support and strengthen sociocultural research in the Asia-Pacific region. Many of our colleagues in Australia and New Zealand, particularly higher degree research students and early career researchers, never could make it to Europe or America. Our keynotes are most distinguished researchers in the area and we are very excited to welcome them here in Sydney!
ISCAR will take place at the ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park. How many delegates do you expect?
We expect 400 delegates from all the continents across the globe. We already have registered delegates from more than 30 countries. Registration is still open!
For those who cannot come to Sydney from 29 September to 3 October 2014, can they follow ISCAR2014 remotely?
The proceedings of the Congress will be available for all the delegates online afterwards. We also hope to publish a number of special issues of academic journals based on the congress presentations.
The International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR) is a scientific association that aims at: developing multidisciplinary theoretical and empirical research on societal, cultural and historical dimensions of human practices and promoting mutual scientific communication and research cooperation among its over a thousand members in over 50 countries. The 4th International Congress of ISCAR 2014 will take place in Sydney, Australia, from 29 September to 3 October 2014. w w w. iscar. org, w w w. iscar2014. com