Why Jeju? 
Sean Shin
General Manager, Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau
Did you know, that…?
+ Convenient location with easy accessibility
+ The hub of Northeast Asia, Jeju International Free City
+ No visa entry and 30-day stay for 187 countries including China
+ a variety of MICE infrastructure with tourist resources
+ More than 30,000 hotel rooms with wide choice range from 5,500 premium rooms to quaint small rooms.
+ Only place in the world that has been certified by UNESCO Triple Crown in Natural Science
+ Biosphere Reserves (Dec. 2002), World Natural Heritage (June. 2007), World Geological Park (Oct. 2010)
+ One of the safest cities in the world
+ Designated by the WHO (World Health Organization) as an International Safe City (2017, 2012, 2007)
+ Carbon-Free Island Jeju by 2030: Renewable energies and Smart Grid Test-Bed
+ Plans to become carbon-neutral and fully sustainable through the use of renewable energy
Where to meet?
+ Jungmun Resort Complex (Jungmun Tourism Complex)
Jungmun Resort is a multi-tourism area of Jeju and the largest resort in Korea. It is blessed with beautiful natural scenery and subtropical climate. With numerous entertainment facilities, this high-class tourism resort is a popular spot to domestic and foreign travelers throughout all four seasons. There are numerous sight-seeing destinations within easy reach of the resort; visitors to Jungmun resort will find it difficult to leave. Jungmun resort is the most famous resort in Jeju, and its top quality facilities ranked as one of a kind among the world’s best tourism complexes.
+ A number of unique venues including the International Convention Center Jeju, which can accommodate up to 4,300 people, and various hotels and resorts with convention facilities and authentic ambience
+ A cluster of hotels, tourist destinations, and entertainment facilities within the Jungmun Resort Complex where the International Convention Center Jeju is located (5-minute distance by car)
+ 2,240 premium hotel rooms (121 suites) within the Jungmun Resort Complex
Where to stay?
+ List of Major hotels in Jungmun Resort Complex:
+ Lotte Hotel Jeju (5 Star), 500 rooms
+ Booyoung Hotel & Resort (5 Star), 449 rooms
+ Shilla Hotel (5 Star), 429 rooms
+ Hyatt Regency Jeju (5 Star), 224 rooms
+ Kensington Jeju (5 Star), 221 rooms
+ Suite Hotel JeJu (5 Star), 90 rooms
+ Hana Hotel (4 Star), 85 rooms
+ Seaes Hotel & Resort (4 Star), 26 rooms
+ Hankook (Condominium), 216 rooms
How to get there?
+ Jeju is a free international city allowing free entry without a visa
+ Jeju’s geographically important location in Northeast Asia makes it possible for Jeju to flourish as the Free International City
+ Visa-Free entry available for more than 187 countries including China
+ Direct flights connecting 26 major cities in 4 countries from China (Incl. Hongkong), Taiwan, Japan and Philippines
+ More than 220 domestic flights daily from 13 domestic routes
Do you offer any special services / assistance for associations?
+ Jeju MICE Card with initial deposit of 5,000KRW
+ The Jeju MICE Card is designed specifically for conference participants visiting Jeju, making it easier for them to use public transport and offering discounts at certain shops, restaurants and tourist sites.
+ Jeju Information Booth Operation
+ To provide information for the convenience of the participants, Jeju Information Booth will be set up at the main venue with English-speaking personnel. Information on the conference venue, tours, transportation, and accommodation will be provided.
Mr. Sean Shin
General Manager of Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau
Tel.: (+82)-64-739-2206
Email: sean@jejucvb.or.kr
Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau