Why Montréal? 
Linda Cadieux, Director, Meeting and Convention Sales International Market, Tourisme Montréal
Did you know that...?
+ Montréal is a hub of innovation, ranking first in Canada and among the top 10 cities in North America for the number of research centres it is home to. Leading research in sectors such as multimedia, biotechnology, pharmacology, and information technology has earned Montréal an international reputation as a creative, cutting-edge city.
+ Montréal is North America's festival capital according to Troy Media. Host to over 100 festivals annually, ranging from music to comedy to film to fashion, Montréal bursts with energy and creativity all year long. Who hasn’t heard about the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal?
+ Our “Underground City” has over 20 miles of pedestrian walkways linking 8 metro and 5 train stations, 63 buildings (including the Palais des congrès, aka Convention Centre), 10 major hotels, 2,000 shops and restaurants, 37 movie theatres and museums, 10 university buildings and 43 indoor parking areas. Approximately 500,000 people circulate daily on this network.
+ Montréal was the first North American city to be appointed a UNESCO City of Design. The city was already renowned for its creativity, and this designation in 2006 furthered the local and international reputations both of Montréal-based designers and of the city as one of the best destinations for shopping.
Where to meet?
Montréal offers an array of fabulous meeting places. Some are intimate, like the historic Château Ramezay and Governor’s Garden, which can accommodate up to 120 guests; others are spacious, like the Palais des congrès de Montréal (Convention Centre).
Located downtown and linked to the underground pedestrian network, the Palais des congrès features 551,520 sq. ft. of exhibition surface area, 113 rooms as well as 18 loading docks with levellers, all in a building that has been awarded BOMA Best (Go Green) environmental certification. The attentive staff offers personalized planning services, cutting-edge technology and ecoresponsible options to make your event unique.
Where to stay?
Accommodations are varied and plentiful. The island of Montréal has more than 24,000 rooms, including 12,000 at the heart of downtown, 7,000 of which are luxury properties and 4,000 that are connected to the Palais des congrès via the underground pedestrian network. From international chains to quaint boutique hotels, you’ll definitely find a place that suits your taste.
How to get there?
Just 20 minutes from downtown, the Montréal–Trudeau International Airport is serviced by over 600 direct flights per day from more than 130 destinations, keeping us well within reach of most business travellers (over 90 million people live within a 2-hour flight of Montréal).
Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) recently invested $1.6 billion to double the airport’s capacity and implement a host of advanced technologies and innovative services to ensure the safe, smooth, and fluid handling of passengers and flights.
The airport also provides a full range of business services, direct access to the Montréal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel, as well as round trip shuttle service (747 Express Bus) to downtown Montréal.
Do you offer any special services/assistance for associations?
Tourisme Montréal leads Team Montréal, a coalition of the city’s meeting and convention industry leaders dedicated to making your Montréal experience simple, efficient and successful. We provide one point of contact and a suite of free services and tools.
Tourisme Montréal can connect you not only to leaders in the meeting industry but also to leaders in a wide range of local sectors. Our local community can help you enrich your program by bringing speakers, organizing tours, building your attendance and identifying local partners in support of your event.
Whom to contact?
Linda Cadieux, International Market Meeting and Convention Sales Director: lcadieux@mtl.org
Tourisme Montréal is responsible for providing leadership with regard to the concerted hospitality and promotion efforts aimed at positioning Montréal in leisure and business travel markets. It is also responsible for developing Montréal's tourism product in accordance with changing market conditions. mtl. org