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1 November 2011
Upcoming International Congresses
Europe11th World Symposium of the Organization of the World Heritage Cities, 22-25/11/11, Sintra +++ 37th Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy, 08-10/12/11, Bucharest +++ 6th Annual Meeting of the European Delirium Association, 17-18/11/11, Umea
Asia27th General Assembly of the Asia Pacific Metrology Programme, 04-09/12/11, Kobe +++ 16th Congrees of the ASEAN Federation of Endocrinology Societies, 17-20/11/11, Ho Chi Minh +++ The 49th Annual Congress of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, 28/11- 01/12/11, Kathmandu
America10th Triennial Congress of the World Association of the Major Metropolises, 23-26/11/11, Porto Alegre +++ 19th Biennial Conference of the Society for Marine Mammalogy, 27/11-02/12/11, Tampa FL +++ 110th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, 16-20/11/11, Montreal
Africa51st Session of the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, 21-22/11/11, Brazzaville +++ 17th Annual Conference of the Parties Session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP 17, 28/11-09/12/11, Durban +++ 16th Annual Conference of the International Education Association of South Africa, 29/08-01/09/12, Cape Town
PacificConference of the Australasian Region Section of the International Biometric Society, 04-08/12/11, Kiama +++ Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research, 05-08/12/11, Dunedin +++ 34th Annual Conference of the African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific, 30/11-2/12/11, Adelaide
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Associations in action
Christopher Schwartz, Press Department, Union of International Associations, UIA

Social legacy. The UIA held its Annual Roundtable with the theme "Associations in action: social legacy and community engagement" on 17 October 2011 in the Brussels Marriott Hotel, but with a special twist from previous years.

This time around, the focus was not upon the needs of associations; instead, we took an extroverted turn, as participants were asked to think hard about their engagement with the communities surrounding their conventions and events and the social legacy they leave behind...
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Ask the associations
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Davos Congress Centre
Survey of the month: Sleep

Work-life-balance. More work, less budget, new media, more travelling. Do you feel more and more a lack of sleep?

» Yes

» No

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Best deals/Best offers

Attract delegates. Tourism Australia has launched the Delegate Boosting Toolkit. It provides `hints and tips´ for associations to attract more delegates. +++ Research. Blackbaud just released its State of the Nonprofit Industry Results 2011. The study asks nonprofit leaders about some of their management strategies, and the degree to which they anticipate changes in their organizations.
Results October survey

Personalisation. Away from their desks delegates have no time to waste. Do you care about personalisation at congresses?

Not yet.

KPIs. Key Performance Indicators for events are rarely given though sought after. But who identifies them and how? More

Energy. Energy change: Feverish quest for new concepts. Congresses help. More

Share. What do your participants know? New interactive meeting formats show. More

After the meeting in Kyoto
James Kent, International Marketing Coordinator, Kyoto Convention Bureau

My favourite spots: Top three restaurants:

Kyoto is the ultimate place to dine in Japan. For those wishing to try the pinnacle of the Japanese dining, you must seek out a ryotei-style luxury restaurant. Tempura no Yoshikawa is one of the most...
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Expoforum St. Petersburg
“Innovating today, shaping tomorrow”

Anja Magry, Head of Events of the European Wind Energy Association, EWEA

You attended the UIA RoundTable Meeting 2011 on 17 October in Brussels. Did it meet your expectations?
It was the first time I attended a UIA workshop. I was positively surprised by the number of attendants and quality of support this event received. This is encouraging for future workshop plans and shows there is a need to meet and exchange in this group, especially in the “association capital” Brussels.

In your presentation you explained how the European Wind Energy Association is publicising the social impact it makes. Please point out your communication measures.
The best occasion for communicating our social impact is at our event itself, where we include the highlights...
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Important trade shows and congresses 2011/2012
EIBTM29/11-01/12/2011 BarcelonaMore
Conventa18-19/01/2012 LjubljanaMore
MPI EMEC29-31/01/2012 BudapestMore

Number of the month

Cities.15 cities account for one third of international association events in 2010, according to the UIA’s annual report International Meetings Statistics (released in June for events in 2010).
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New Associations
Healthy Newborn Network (HNN)
http: //w w w. healthynewbornnetwork. org
World Farmers' Organisation (WFO)
http: //w w w. worldfarmersorganisation. com
Asia Pacific Photoforum - APP
http: //asiapacificphotoforum. org
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