Open Yearbook and Open Calendar

By Ryan Brubaker, Webmaster and Online Database Programmer, and Judy Wickens, Volunteer Adviser

Data sharing. The UIA is keen to share its vast information resource more widely, as part of its efforts to promote the activities of associations in all their variety. So it is now offering two free products: the Open Yearbook and the Open Calendar.

The Open Yearbook is freely accessible and includes basic profiles of over 65,000 non-profit organizations working worldwide in all fields of activity, with the names, history and aims of organizations, and a useful search facility.

The Open Calendar shows some 7,000 international events in the near future, and includes a possibility to search this free service for essential information.

The full UIA Yearbook of International Organizations contains a huge, ever growing collection of information on international non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations, such as contact details, activities, structures, consultative status, IGO and NGO relations, staff, languages, publications and events, gathered over more than 100 years. The Yearbook is available on subscription or as part of a package and includes sophisticated search functionality and data export; individually tailored selection services can also be arranged.

The full features of the International Congress Calendar Online (ICCO) cover details of more than 350,000 meetings – past, present and future – of international organizations. ICCO is also available on subscription or as part of a package of services, and includes search functionality and data export from the extensive additional information it contains.

The UIA is a leading provider of information about international non-profit organizations and their meetings. See how you can make use of this remarkable asset by looking at the Open Yearbook and Open Calendar today!