"The key is to identify two main issues: trends and influencers"

Mazen Nahawi, President of the Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse, FIBEP

Your Pre-congress on 12 March 2014 kicks off with a speech about "The Interplay of the World Economy and Media Intelligence Industry“. How do they interact?
The health of the world economy has a direct impact on the fortunes of our industry. If the world economy is thriving then we will thrive as well. Similarly, the use of excellent data, analysis and communications are important drivers of good economic growth.

What is Media Intelligence?
Media Intelligence is the term used to describe the process of monitoring and measuring media content and applying it to critical business decision making.

Every day, millions of social media conversations, news and articles impact the work flow of international associations. How can they master them?
The key is to identify two main issues: trends – what is happening where and how will it impact your business and, second, influencers, finding out who is important, why they are important and how you can engage them effectively.

What about FIBEP – what are your two biggest issues these days?
Our goal is to support our members re-engineering their business for the future by showcasing the best ideas, methodologies and technology to capture, analyze and engage with media content.

Why did you choose Dubai as destination for your 46th FIBEP Congress?
FIBEP hosts its congress every 18 months in a different part of the world. Dubai presented itself as a candidate city by offering the advantages of its excellent location, modern infrastructure and the fact that it is at the cross roads between East and West. Our members liked the idea and voted for Dubai as the venue.

The Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse (FIBEP) is the world’s largest association for media intelligence and communications insight. Founded in 1953 in Paris, the FIBEP Secretariat is now based in Brussels, Belgium. The current membership holds over 100 members in 45 countries. FIBEP provides customers in all business, governmental and non-governmental sectors with media monitoring and analysis services that are critical to good decision making and optimal business performance. The 46th FIBEP Congress takes place at The Address Dubai Marina from 12 to 15 March 2014. w w w. fibep. info