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7 June 2011
Upcoming International Congresses
Europe56th Annual Conference of the International Council for Small Business, 15-18/06/11, Stockholm +++ Conference of the International Association of Wood Anatomists, 20-24/06/11, Petrozavodsk +++ 3rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Test Publishers, 28-30/09/11, Prague
Asia9th World Congress of International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 13-17/06/11, Shizuoka +++ 60th World Congress of the Comité international d'esthétique et de cosmétologie, 28/06-03/07/11, Seoul +++ 28th Conference of the International Society for Quality in Health Care, 14-17/09/11, Hong Kong
America25th World Conference of the Society for International Development, 29-31/07/11, Washington DC +++ 2nd Meeting of the Ibero-American and Caribbean Ecological Restoration Network, 21-25/08/11, Merida +++ 6th Conference of the Latin American Community of Learning Objects, 11-14/10/11, Montevideo
Africa1st International HIV Social Science and Humanities Conference, 11-13/06/11, Durban +++ 5th Africa Forum of the World Blind Union, 03-08/07/11, Accra +++ 6th Conference of the African Materials Research Society, 11-16/12/11, Victoria Falls
Pacific27th Annual Conference of the Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, 19-21/07/11, Pohnpei +++ International Conference on Chemistry, Environment and Climate Change, 14-16/09/11, Suva +++ 20th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Epidemiological Association, 19-20/09/11, Perth
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Element of surprise
By Judy Wickens, Volunteer at UIA, Retired Secretary-General of T.I.C.

International Water Week. We can not live without it. But sometimes we can not live with it. Water. Numerous intergovernmental, charitable or technological organisations strive to control water for use, to supply entire nations or isolated communities.

More than half the surface of our planet is covered by ocean. Rivers, lakes, ponds have fresh water. One of our greatest world challenges is that water is often not where humans need it, but present in excess elsewhere...
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Tourism Australia
Survey of the month: Members' fees

ROI - Return on Investment. Do members of associations now expect better value for money from their annual fees than they used to?

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Complimentary. Meetings in Budapest now come with a complimentary gala venue - from royal castles to spectacular museums. Book your event for the chance to hold your gala at an exclusive venue open to only a selected few. +++ Blogging Tips for Non Profit Organizations. What constitutes a true Blog? A few tips to help you get started with your blog.
Hungarian Convention Bureau
Results May survey

UNEP. The UN Environment Programme is calling upon us to be part of the World Environment Day (WED) on June 5. Should associations support WED?

Maybe in the future.

Protest. Solidarity with political reforms in Arabic countries. But what about safety? More

Logistics. Shorter lead times, fragile traffic chains: How do event managers meet deadlines? More

Share. What do your participants know? New interactive meeting formats show. More

London Speaker Bureau
After the meeting in Baltimore
Tom Noonan, President and CEO of
Visit Baltimore

My favourite spots: Top three restaurants:
1. Charleston is one of Baltimore’s finest restaurants, led by Chef Cindy Wolf, a James Beard Foundation nominee...

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“A good CEO is a broker of ideas"

Alessandro Cortese, CEO of European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO)

Associations observe a growing pressure on increasing their financial and business performance. Why is that?
Associations are becoming more and more complex organizations, which strive to maximize their financial performance in order to offer an increasing set of relevant services and benefits to their members. While the traditional idea looks at associations as simple businesses, aiming at providing services through their revenue mainly received by the membership dues, reality shows...

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Important trade shows and annual congresses 2011
AIBTM21/06 - 23/06 2011 BaltimoreMore
BTC30/06 - 01/07 2011 RiminiMore
Association Congress18/07 - 19/07 2011 LondonMore

Number of the month

Water. There are 237 organizations concerned with water, its provision, protection, and use. In addition there are 16 international treaties covering aquatic environments and waterways. w w w. uia. be/ybvol3
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Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)
http: //w w w. bpie. eu
International Iron Metallics Association
http: //w w w. metallics. org. uk
Gulf Society for Maintenance Professionals
http: //gsmp-online. org
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