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3 July 2012
Upcoming International Congresses
Europe34th Biennial Congress of the International Federation of Ex-Libris Societies, 13-18/08/12, Naantali +++ 6th Conference of the European Plant Science Organization, 29/07-03/08/12, Freiburg im Breisgau +++ XIII World Congress of Rural Sociology, 29/07-04/08/12, Lisbon
Asia15th Quadrennial Congress of the International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 20-24/08/12, Osaka +++ 34th Meeting of the Asian-Pacific Advanced Network, 25-29/08/12, Colombo +++ 12th Annual Conference of the Pacific and Asian Society of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, 16-18/08/12, Xi'an
America39th Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, 16-21/09/12, Niagara Falls ON +++ 28th Triennial Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, 18-24/08/12, Foz do Iguaçu +++ 10th Biennial Congress of the International Society for Neuroethology, 05-10/08/12, College Park MD
Africa12th European Regional Conference of the International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems, 24-27/09/12, Pretoria +++ 1st African Conference on Emergency Medicine of the African Federation in Emergency Medicine , 30/10-01/11/12, Accra +++ 13th Pan African Ornithological Congress of Birdlife International, 14-21/10/12, Arusha
Pacific34th Quadrennial International Geological Congress of the International Union of Geological Sciences, 05-10/08/12, Brisbane +++ 12th Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference of the Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference Foundation, 02-06/09/12, Rotorua +++ 22nd Quadrennial Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 25/08-01/09/12, Melbourne
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Blurred lines – good or bad?
by Marilyn Mehlmann, Vice President of the Union of International Associations, UIA

Funding. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs, or ‘charitable associations’) have long been funded by membership fees and donations, by public grants, and to some extent (particularly in the Anglo-Saxon world) by grants from private foundations.

Now things are rapidly shifting.

Lifelong members are becoming a thing of the past. Those membership fees that roll in, year after year, are dwindling. We tend to engage for shorter times, in things closer to ourselves...
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Future success. ‘Collective agility’, strategic innovation and foresight are keys to future success – according to IMEX Power of 10 findings released at IMEX 2012. Obtain a free download of the IMEX Power of 10 Executive Summary
New Technology

Intranet. Beth Ziesenis' article published in Associations Now „Association Intranets That Work“ describes how a variety of associations have built flexible intranets that earn high marks with users. Source: ASAE - The Center for Association Leadership
eibtm 2012
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Registration open. This year the UIA Associations Round Table will be held on Monday 12 November 2012 at Brussels Marriott Hotel. We look forward to welcoming 200 participants. The registration is open now. Please join us!

Apps. How to use the little mobile assistants for your conference? More

Webinars. The demand for interactive seminars in the internet is on the rise. More
After the meeting in Warsaw
Krzysztof Celuch, Manager, Poland Convention Bureau

My favourite spots: Top restaurants:

Belvedere Restaurant is one of the most unusual places on the culinary map of Poland. Located in the New Orangery of the Warsaw Royal Bath Gardens it draws attention not only to the elegant interiors but also to an excellent menu...
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“Balance short-term economic objectives with long-term well-being”

Dr. Christopher Michaelson, ISBEE Secretariat

Ten days after the EURO 2012 Lech Walesa will open your Fifth ISBEE World Congress 2012 in Warsaw. Why did you choose him?
Mr. Walesa’s accomplishments as a political and labor leader demonstrate the importance of public-private partnership to sustain economic and ethical well-being. We are honored that Mr. Walesa will address our gathering.

Why do you go for Poland as destination for your quadrennial world congress?
Eastern Europe countries in general, and Poland in particular, include many transition markets that are priorities for business expansion but also vulnerable to global and European economic woes...
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Important trade shows and congresses
Association Congress15-17/07/2012 LiverpoolMore
IT&CM India21-23/08/2012 DelhiMore
UIA Associations Round Table12/11/2012 BrusselsMore

Number of the month

Large congresses. In 2011 international associations organized according to the Annual International Meetings Statistics Report 32 congresses with over 7,000 participants (less than 0.5%) and 959 meetings with fewer than 100 participants (almost 11%).
New Associations
Kaleidoscope Trust
http: //w w w. kaleidoscopetrust. com
Confederation of European Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
http: //w w w. ceorlhns. org
World Resources Forum Association (WRFA)
http: //w w w. worldresourcesforum. org
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