Mrs Granvik
"A unique opportunity to stimulate internationalization in practice" 
Madeleine Granvik,
Director, Ph.D. Associate Professor,
The Baltic University Programme

On 24 January, 2018 you are going to kick off the 5th Baltic University Programme Rectors' Conference. What convinced you to meet in Turku this year?
Previous Rectors' Conferences have been arranged by Uppsala University, but this time it will be organized together with Åbo Akademi University in Turku, as the first event this year to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Åbo Akademi University.
You have chosen the Åbo Akademi University as the home for your convention. Why?
The Coordinating Secretariat for The Baltic University Programme is at Uppsala University, but we also have three Associated Secretariats, one at Åbo Akademi University. Since they have their 100-year anniversary of Åbo Akademi University, we decided to hold the Rectors' Conference in Åbo.
What is the social and cultural resonance of your conference?
Internationalization, mobility, and research are the highlighted topics for the Rectors' Conference. We will have the possibility to discuss long-term goals and strategies for the Baltic University Programme, and find more ways to contribute to deepening cooperation within BUP Universities. We hope that the Rectors' Conference will be a unique opportunity to continue, and to stimulate, internationalization in practice in the Baltic Sea Region.
For those delegates who cannot join you in Turku, can they participate remotely / via social media?
Delegates that cannot join the conference will find current information and updates on our website, as well as on all of our social media channels.
What are currently the main challenges for BUP as a university programme, as well as for the conference?
BUP started 26 years ago. Today, there are BUP colleagues who have been active since the start, who soon will retire. BUP is under a renewal process, which is a challenge, both for good and bad.