Why Leeuwarden? 
Sabrina Slagman, Marketeer, Merk Fryslân
Did you know that…?
+ Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland? A province that offers many possibilities for sportive, fun and exciting social programmes, next to authentic elements like the well-known ‘eleven cities’ and its very own language and culture.
+ in 2018 Leeuwarden is European Capital of Culture? The city already offers a large variety of cultural events and venues, this number will grow and grow. If you enjoy theatre, art, music and creativity, Leeuwarden is the place to be in 2018.
+ Leeuwarden is the knowledge hub for water technology and dairy farming? The ‘water campus’ and ‘dairy campus’ are internationally renowned and offer scientific solutions all over the world.
Where to meet?
Leeuwarden is home to a number of surprising conference facilities. Conference facilities that offer a creative vibe, like the ‘Fries Museum’ and pop temple the ‘Neushoorn’ (Rhinoceros). Both hotspots stimulate out of the box thinking and creating innovative concepts. Other top notch conference centres are the ‘Harmonie’, Leeuwarden’s theatre, that can accommodate up to 1000 guests and is known as the ‘most inspirational venue to host a meeting’. WTC Expo is the largest conference facility in the north of the Netherlands. It offers over 45.000 m2 of exhibition space and high-end conference rooms. Its maximum capacity is next to unlimited. In 2013 WTC Expo was voted runner up in the competition ‘best conference facility in the Netherlands’.
Every organisation can find the facility best suited to their meeting needs in Leeuwarden. Hosting a meeting on an authentic Frisian skútsje (wooden cargo ship)? No problem!
Where to stay?
Since Friesland is a very compact province, there is no need to limit your search for a good place to rest your head to Leeuwarden, when attending a conference in the capital of Friesland. In the vicinity of Leeuwarden you will find many great hotels, such as 4-star hotels Golden Tulip Tjaarda Oranjewoud and Van der Valk Sneek. Both are only a half an hour drive from Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden itself offers five 4-star hotels and three 3-star hotels. In the WTC WestCord Hotel in Leeuwarden ‘high dining’ has been brought to the next level; on the 11th floor of the hotel you will find a Michelin star restaurant. When you are in the mood for something different, we can expand our hotel capacity by deploying hotel boats.
How to get there?
You will have no problems travelling to Leeuwarden. Mobility is very important for the region. That is why the province of Friesland invests heavily in good roads and accessibility. For us, traffic jams are a rare phenomenon.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is only a 90 minutes’ drive from Leeuwarden. Airport Eelde (with daily flights to and from London) can be reached within less than an hour. The Leeuwarden train station, located in the city centre, makes travelling to Leeuwarden by public transportation a piece of cake.
Whatever form of transportation you choose: clear your mind and enjoy the ride. Our guests always mention that travelling to the tranquil North is a near meditative experience that eases the nerves.
Whom to contact?
If you are interested in hosting a conference in Leeuwarden, contact me at ‘Merk Fryslân’. Merk Fryslân is the official convention and visitor bureau of Friesland, that will gladly connect you to experienced meeting professionals. I look forward to getting acquainted and showing you true Frisian hospitality. meetinfriesland. nl (Website will be available in English soon)
Sabrina Slagman