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05. December 2017
Upcoming International Congresses
Europe34th International Youth Leadership Conference of the International Youth Leadership Network, 07 - 12/01/18, Prague +++ 30th Annual Meeting of the European Eye Bank Association, 25 - 27/01/18, Coimbra +++ 2nd Annual Conference of the Network of EUropean BioImage AnalystS, 27/01 - 02/02/18, Szeged
Asia17th Congress of the Asian Oceanian Society of Radiology, 25 - 28/01/18, Mumbai +++ 44th Annual Conference of the International Embryo Transfer Society, 13 - 16/01/18, Bangkok +++ 7th World Congress of the Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations, 24 - 26/01/18, Manila
America89th Annual Convention of the Southern Political Science Association, 04 - 06/01/18, New Orleans LA +++ 39th Annual Conference of the International Ticketing Association, 23 - 25/01/18, Baltimore MD +++ 4th Latin American Conference of the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology, 11 - 14/03/18, Mexico City
Africa16th African Fine Coffee Conference, 14 - 16/02/18, Kampala +++ Summit Africa of the European Society for Medical Oncology, 14 - 16/02/18, Cape Town +++ 26th Annual Conference of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 16 - 19/01/18, Gaborone
Pacific14th International Conference of the Western Economic Association International, 11 - 14/01/18, Newcastle +++ 20th Congress of the Retina International, 10 - 11/02/18, Auckland +++ 11th International Conference on Biometrics of the International Association for Pattern Recognition, 20 - 23/02/18, Gold Coast
“Brexit means Brexit”
By Philippe Noirhomme (Partner of VATDESK)

What does Brexit mean for VAT purposes?

As from 1 April 2019, the UK shall become a non-EU country like for instance Norway, Switzerland or USA, unless an agreement between all 28 countries is found to postpone the deadline date. No matter whether a trade agreement is eventually concluded by EU and UK.
Behind political statements and pending negotiations, Brexit will trigger financial and economic changes with numerous very concrete effects – even if still not yet noticeable – inter alia on the VAT rules applicable to non-profit organizations.
VAT is a consumption tax applicable in all 28 EU Countries and regulated by EC-Directive 2006/112 together with other implementing legal acts. ...
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Anne-Marie Boutin
It is with great sadness that the Union of International Associations announces the death of Madame Anne-Marie Boutin, President of UIA from 1998 to 16 June 2017. She was a long-serving member of the Council, and continued as Vice-President until she passed away on 20 November. She was President of the APCI - Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle, in Paris, and formerly a senior official of the French National Audit Bureau and a Magistrate at the Cour des comptes. Mme Boutin will be greatly missed by the UIA and all associated with this organization.
Maison des associations internationales (MAI) - Knowledge centre and ideas factory

Initiative. In addition to its traditional offer of permanent office space and conference facilities MAI is responding to demands for greater flexibility in patterns of work, as well as both opportunities for participation and interaction and also more private spaces to meet and reflect. If you have never used MAI before, please see Special Offers.
New publication: Tourism in Actions

Guide. The International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO) announces the publication of Tourism in Actions - 20 Examples of Social Policies and Programs around the World.
This guide aims to present 20 cases of social policies and schemes in tourism, implemented in 17 countries around the world which have proven themselves, have benefited many people as well as the local economy, have helped to train stakeholders or improve the quality of services.
The publication can be downloaded as a PDF file.
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Welcome to Food Action!

Get started. Easy steps to better eating: for less waste, better environment, better health.
The FAct! Program provides support for individuals and households interested in exploring health and environment aspects of their eating habits, and willing to learn what they can do about it.

Executive Master in International Association Management

Training. Executive Master in International Association Management will resume in January 2018. This 17-day modular training for association professionals is operated by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. The teaching faculty, drawn from Solvay academic experts, is teamed up with association executives from the programme's supporting partners Union of International Associations (UIA), Federation of European and International Associations (FAIB), European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) and Visitbrussels.
Contact Ms. Asja Kamenica: or + 32 2 650 38 94 for more information. Check out also the special conditions for associations at exec. solvay. edu/emiam.

Why Cape Town
Why Cape Town?
By Adriaan Fourie, Business Development Manager, Cape Town & Western Cape Convention Bureau

Did you know, that…?

+ Cape Town is the number one convention destination in Africa (ICCA 2016) and hosted 62 international association meetings in 2016.

+ The city is home to four leading universities, to research institutions and various corporate headquarters. The city is safe and easy to explore, and venues and hotels are located near major attractions.

+ Apart from beautiful scenery, wine, food and outdoor activities, the city is also home to various startup businesses, design and especially art with the new Zeitz MOCAA, the largest museum dedicated to African Contemporary art on the continent. ...

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"SICOT and Africa can mutually benefit from each other"

Prof Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran, Ph.D.
President, SICOT (International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology)

On 30 November, 2017 you are going to kick off the 38th SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress. What convinced you to meet in Cape Town this year?

Cape Town provides everything required for a successful international academic meeting - a great venue with modern facilities, excellent hotels with pleasant accommodation and amazing pre and post conference tour opportunities. Many of the SICOT members have never been to Cape Town and this is an added attraction. ...
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Computers, Privacy and Data Protection International Conference 201824-26/01/2018 BrusselsMore

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Best of Events International10-11/01/2018 DortmundMore
Conventa24-25/01/2018 LjubljanaMore

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According to the Yearbook of International Organizations, in the past ten years the number of international association headquarters located in Asian countries has gone from 2,364 to 3,027, an increase of 28%; the worldwide total increased by 16%. The number of international association events held in Asia increased by 32% in the past ten years.
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