Stuttgart Convention
6 December 2016
Upcoming International Congresses
Europe19th ECCO European Cancer Congress of the European CanCer Organisation, 27-30/01/17, Amsterdam +++ 12th European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences of the International Association of Social Science Research, 25-28/01/17, Catania +++ 14th MEDECOS Conference of the International Society of Mediterranean Ecology, 31/01-04/02/17, Seville
Asiaurl:unique-count; ""; "11th Asia GIS Conference of the Asia Geogaphic Information System Association, 05-07/01/17, Hong Kong"; ; ""] +++ 19th Annual Meeting of the Asian Musculoskeletal Society, 20-21/01/17, Tokyo +++ 7th Asia Pacific Congress on Catalysis of the Asia-Pacific Association of Catalysis Societies, 17-21/01/17, Mumbai
America30th Annual Congress of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement, 07-10/01/17, Ottawa ON +++ 8th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society, 09-13/01/17, Tucson AZ +++ 13th International Conference of the Western Economic Association International, 03-06/01/17, Santiago
AfricaAnnual Conference of the Philosophical Society of Southern Africa, 16-18/01/17, Grahamstown +++ Annual Conference of the International Association of Law and Forensic Science, 17-19/01/17, Cairo +++ 25th Annual Conference of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 17-20/01/17, Bloemfontein
PacificBiennial Conference of the South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment, 08-12/01/17, Brisbane +++ 33rd Congress of the Organisation Scientifique et Technique Internationale de Vol à Voile, 08-13/01/17, Benalla +++ 38th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies, 31/01-03/02/17, Wellington
UIA Associations Round Tables
by Nancy Carfrae, Coordinator, Associations Round Tables, Union of International Associations (UIA)

The UIA was founded in 1907 to document and promote the work of international associations, to provide information and education to international civil society actors. A century of documentation adds up to a lot of paper and ink. Ten years ago the UIA team lifted its collective head from its dusty desk and saw that, while information was present in abundance, education had been rather neglected of late. And so the UIA Associations Round Table was born. It celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

It started in 2007, the first of our three years of centenary celebrations, with an academic session in the Natural History Museum in Brussels. Though dinosaurs were perhaps an ominous backdrop for a new project, the next two years saw the baby grow into a half-day event with an increasing number of international associations participating. In 2010, the end of our centenary celebrations, over 100 association representatives came and filled three quarters of a day with presentations and discussions. The venue that year is remembered as dark, cold and cavernous, but that too was not indicative of the baby’s future: by 2012 we were welcoming 200 participants for a full-day programme characterised by bright ideas, warm connections, and inspiring talk...

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Welcome Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre

New Associate Member. UIA welcomes Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre. With a total of 100,000sqm of column-free indoor and outdoor space available, Singapore EXPO is the venue of choice for any MICE activities and events in Singapore. From exhibitions, consumer shows, corporate meetings, world-class conventions, prestigious award ceremonies, mega concerts to gala banquets. Annually, it welcomes more than 8 million visitors and 800 events.

singaporeexpo. com. sg
Welcome Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp

New Associate Member.UIA welcomes Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp. The new Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp combines the best of both worlds. The latest equipment is integrated with the splendid, authentic facade and rooms which have existed for many decades. The newly constructed building offers a wide range of technical facilities which guarantee optimum visitor comfort and audio-visual quality for visitors of conventions and meetings.

elisabethcenter. be/en/meetings-events-antwerp
United Nations Global Sustainable Development Report

Report. Understanding of the scientific basis for action will be needed to achieve the ambitious and transformative goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, according to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR). It is a United Nations publication aiming to strengthen the science-policy interface at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development. The approach will be that of an assessment of assessments, documenting and describing the landscape of information on specific issues.

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Programme in association management

Training. Executive Master in International Association Management will resume in January 2017. This 17-day modular training for association professionals is operated by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. The teaching faculty, drawn from Solvay academic experts, is teamed up with association executives from the programme´s supporting partners (Union of International Associations (UIA), Federation of European and International Associations (FAIB),European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) and Visitbrussels).
Contact Ms. Asja Kamenica for more information.

Why Monaco?
Laurence Papouchado, Deputy Director of Monaco Convention Bureau

Did you know?

+ Need a venue? We offer you a country nestled in the heart of Europe, less than two hours by air from all major European cities.

+ Destination offering both glamour and knowledge, Monaco is a hard working "city-nation" and a highly diversified economic platform. The leading business sectors are healthcare, banking and finance, high tech, tourism, international trade, shipping and real estate.

+ With a calendar of more than 500 business events per year, Monaco is strengthening its position as a destination for events. Prices are reasonable in this safe state, the climate is sunny even in winter and the Principality's image is strong and dynamic.
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Luxembourg Convention
Christian Mutschlechner receives Lifetime Achievement Award

ibtm world. Christian Mutschlechner, Director of the Vienna Convention Bureau, has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to the meetings and events industry during the Meetings Leadership Summit at ibtm world. Mutschlechner’s career in the sector has spanned nearly 40 years. He started as a volunteer for congresses back in 1977, moving swiftly into the PCO world at Interconvention. In 1985 Christian joined the Vienna Tourist Board and became Deputy Director of Sales and Promotions.

In 1991 the Vienna Convention Bureau became a separate department in the Vienna Tourist Board and Christian Mutschlechner became its Director, he started to re-engineer the Vienna Convention Bureau and today he leads a team of 11 people and has gained an international reputation as one of the industry’s international role models for leadership of a Convention Bureau...

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European Association Summit 201730-31/05/2017 BrusselsMore
5th Round Table Asia-Pacific21-22/09/2017 Chiang Mai, ThailandMore

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Best Of Events International18-19/01/2017 DortmundMore
Conventa18-19/01/2017 LjubljanaMore

Number of the month

Brussels. According to the 57th edition (published June 2016) of the UIA International Meetings Statistics Report, the ten most popular countries hosted half of all the world’s international association meetings in 2015: USA (8.1% of the world’s association meetings in 2015), South Korea (7.2%), Belgium (6.7%), Singapore (5.9%), France (4.5%), Germany and Japan (4.0% each), Spain (3.8%), Italy (3.5%), and the UK (3.2%).
New associations
Inclusive Green Growth Partnership (IGGP)
gggi. org/inclusive-green-growth-partnership
International Construction Measurement Standards Coalition (ICMSCoalition)
icms-coalition. org
European Social Enterprise Law Association (ESELA)
esela. eu
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